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Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Contact for Admission

Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya


Scope for ECE graduates

Define your role in the popular choice of students

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is considered as the most renowned branches in the field of education across the nation. This particular discipline is a popular choice for engineering aspirants. The evolution of computer age enables the transformation into an inevitable field. Therefore it is required by almost all industries. Electronics have become part of our daily lives including televisions to mobile phones and computers. Additionally, the high-end advanced satellites are helping us to lead a smooth life. In fact, it is a major driving force for the revolution created in the Information Technology sector. With the advent of time, it has penetrated into other areas like instrumentation, remote sensing, healthcare; signal processing, etc. therefore, students pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering ahs variety of offers and opportunities in varied industries.

How is the career outlook for ECE students?

Students in ECE department can develop their career in industries like Tele-Communication and IT industries, Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Organization, Mobile Communication, Health care Equipment manufacturing, Power Electronics, Internet Technologies and other industries like petroleum, steel and chemical industry, etc. Students of Electronics Engineering have a variety of opportunities in both private and government companies in the areas of installation, manufacturing, design, maintenance, and operation of electronics systems and equipment. The advent of the latest technological innovations opens up new opportunities for the engineers of Arya College Jaipur. These technologies include self-driving cars, robotics, autonomous drone, smart energy systems, etc.

What are the downsides in this career?

Among all, it is considered as the most widely preferred engineering branches. The number of students at Arya College of Engineering and IT passing is increasing every year. Students who do not have application knowledge and practical skills face difficulty in the recruitment of core companies. The job roles offered to the ECE students are very challenging. It endures intense pressure and workload while recruitment. Loving your job roles can decrease the complicacy. The growth rate of electronics engineering is slower than any other occupation. In spite of increased demand for electronics, there is intense competition from outside the nation. It produces cheap components and engineering services & industries that are moving to such countries for their electronics requirements, which in turn hinder the domestic employment.

What is the scope in overseas?

The recent advancements in technologies enable the beginning in order to adopt robotics, smart energy systems, automation technologies and IoT in their processes. A lot of these industries established in countries like Canada, China, and Germany that opens up job opportunities for the students studying in the Best Engineering College. Electronics Engineers having specialization in Control & Power Systems can find good opportunities in outside countries. Varieties of job roles are available in multi-disciplinary streams which an electronic engineer can take up. Therefore, Arya College has opened its admission in Electronics and Communication Engineering with various platforms.

Skills that an ECE student needs to develop to improve job prospects

Here are some of the skills and areas for an ECE student to concentrate to improve your job prospects, 1. Computer proficiency is a must these days; try to get acquainted with some of the industrial grade software. 2. Develop your communication and interpersonal skills 3. Develop more practical skills and get hands-on experience on theoretical concepts 4. Get exposed to current industrial methodologies as much as possible 5. Firstly, Stay updated with the latest technologies by developing projects on them 6. Do additional certified training programs to build your profile 7. Take additional responsibilities as much as in your college to showcase your managerial skills 8. Develop your leadership and team working abilities

Prepare yourself for these opportunities

The scope for electronics engineers is growing with time. Industries in this area expect skill level that is the most challenging task. That is to say, technological advancements are demanding engineers having experience and immediate assistance in this process without spending resources and time on training. In order to improve your job prospects, you required to gain practical skills to your curriculum additionally. This is because most of the colleges do not have the right platform and infrastructure to support you in learning trending and advanced technologies. So for this, an individual should learn and gain their skills by doing more projects. Learning and building projects enable the learning of technical concepts that acquainted with the technology and develop a better understanding. So Hurry up! Admissions for ECE opened. For more, Visit the website of Arya College

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