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Role of videos in enhancing user experience

How Videos can be effective tools in online learning experience

From the last several years, acing the classroom-lecture model have now paved the way for e-learning. This has become possible for the students of top engineering colleges to host new technologies at the disposal, from laptops and smartphones to high-speed broadband connections. As a result, e-learning (online learning experience) has increasingly gained relevance in today’s age, especially in the current scenario.

It is too difficult for the students of engineering colleges to get comfortable with the online medium for the purpose of learning in the age of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Those who engaged in online education largely lies on teachers and the format of their lectures. For instance, there is a high probability that a dry, hour-long lecture will fail to engage students online. On the other hand, videos can be really effective tools in delivering a uniquely immersive online learning experience.

How videos can be really effective?

Engaging learners in the online learning program of Top Private Engineering College in Jaipur can ensure their learning effectively and get the most out of what they are doing. One of the most effective ways to make learners engaged in what they are doing is to make it interactive. With interactive online learning experience, learners get involved and take an active role in their learning.

There are various ways to engage learners of BTech colleges Jaipur by making their online learning program more interactive. However, before getting started on how to use this tool effectively, investing in a basic technologically-sound tech infrastructure is significant. This is because a good PC or a laptop with a high-definition camera, powerful mic and speakers go a long way in achieving the desired quality of audio and video quality during educational delivery. Once this basic requirement is fulfilled, instructors/teachers can use the following video strategies. It enhances their content engagement for their recipients:

1. The shorter, the better

The digital era has reduced attention and led to more distractions than usual. Moreover, students of top BTech colleges do not engage with online lecture content in the same way they do with face-to-face lectures. At that time, short and crisp videos of 6 minutes or less are much more effective learning tools than long lectures.

2. Using visual elements

Topic-oriented charts, pictures, and diagrams together with audio narration help in breaking the monotony during a class. Students also understand and learn better when they have multiple inputs around a topic.

3. Ensuring teacher’s presence

A long and dry lecture might seem like a monologue, doing away with the presence of teachers entirely during lecture can also lead to reduced interest in class. Therefore, the best approach would be to intersperse visual content with bytes of teacher’s explanations. In cases where video content-focused. It would be best to include pictures as well as video of the instructor talking to help explain and illustrate important concepts.

4. Integrating Show-and-Ask video

Often online teachers resort to the “show and tell” video format which leads to one-way communication. A great way of ensuring that students of Best BTech College in Jaipur are actually watching the videos. And interacting is by tying them back to follow-up activities like a short quiz, questionnaire or discussion posts focusing on the key components of the video.

5. Invite learners to contribute

Having the learners contribute their knowledge by making resources or hosting online group study sessions can empower them. Task-based learning can provide the learners of best engineering colleges with a real, relevant outcome. It can be shared with other learners who are earlier in their learner journey to inspire them and help with their studies.

6. Give students a sense of ownership and control

People are more motivated and engaged when students of private engineering colleges know they have some say in what they are doing. Give students a special choice in assignments. They may lean toward diving deeper into particular topics or may prefer one delivery method over another. Self-assessments provide an opportunity to the individuals for taking control over one’s learning destiny. If they believe a lesson is too basic, allow them to skip over it or dive deeper based on their self-assessment or quiz results.

Give students an opportunity to make their voice heard by asking for feedback on the learning content and experience. Do not wait for the end of the course to find out about adjustments an individual can make along the way. For instance, they may think students will enjoy group projects, but find out they actually dread the idea.

7. Make it social

Social functions like sharing and commenting on content part of the way most of engineering candidates used to communicating. This makes any course more interactive with the combination of gamification. It is a lot of fun for the learners too.

8. Basic video etiquette

Any video-based training is ineffective if it does not follow the basic etiquette. For instance, by entering the video-based class, participant’s microphones must be muted. Most learning management systems enable hosts to use this feature. So that students of engineering colleges in India can avoid background noise and help students focus on the lesson. Also, students must be allowed to interact, clear doubts and come up with their own ideas is the cornerstone of good learning. Hence, it always good to stop, especially while delivering a sharing images, presentation, files or video. And check-in with students to see if they are following what they are being taught.


Simply integrating videos might not lead to an interactive and engaging class. But if leveraged correctly, they are not just easy to create. Instead, they hold the power to transform a potentially dull class into a productive, exciting and engaging one.

Before starting any live stream in top engineering college in Jaipur, an individual can use the preview screen to ensure their webcam and audio are working properly before opening up the stream for the rest of the class. Also, they recommend playing around with the settings for live chat or recording their session to find out their preferred approach. Sometimes your mic might not be clear or there may be background noise that you were not aware of. Testing it out first ensures that an individual have the best quality video possible.

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