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Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Reliving The School Memories Back

I recollect route back amid school days, I used to abhor getting up toward the beginning of the day (which despite everything I do) and spruce up to go to class, reviewing all the earlier day's homework that was constrained upon all of us. I used to contemplate internally ordinary, "Goodness god! At the point when will I grow up and there'll be no weight of concentrates all the cracking time". In any case, now I would simply successfully backpedal to my school days, sit in my classroom, play blazes and tic tac toe with my companions, trade delicious prattle on who really likes whom. I'm certain there are a zillion different recollections that we have about our youth school days, what about restoring them appropriate here, at this moment?

Birthday festivities

Wearing casuals on your birthday, the whole class singing 'Upbeat Birthday To You', dispersing chocolates and afterward taking your BFF alongside you to offer chocolates to the educators in the whole school was without a doubt the memory we need to remember.

Appealing to God for a substitute instructor

I ordinarily avoided a few or the other homework for I'm such a lethargic bum. Be that as it may, I'm certain the greater part of us independent of the homework factor petitioned God for an educator who might be excessively arrogant, making it impossible to deal with to get truant and we get a substitute instructor. Yaayyyy! Free period was the best thing ever.

Blasting saltines in the loo

Diwali was the best time ever to go to class cuz we got to quite detonate bombs in the loo. We resembled geniuses in doing it cuz I don't recall getting captured even once. Wish despite everything I had souch astonishing abilities to do stuff so subtly.

Goodbye, Teacher's Day, Republic Day and Independence Day

Educational time would be inadequate without these enormous festivals. Regardless I recall the amount we began considering wearing a saree surprisingly in school. Before passing the tenth grade we as a whole got so amped up for the goodbye we'd be tossing the next year. Republic Day and Independence Day alongside Annual Day were three most critical days in school which were madly fun. Home Page

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