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Pros and cons of data science in engineering colleges

Data Science in Engineering Colleges: Pros and Cons

Data Science has become a revolutionary technology in today’s competitive era. It is a buzzword that only few people know. While many people wish to become Data Scientists, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of data science and give out a real picture.

Data Science is basically the study of data. It is about extracting, analysing, visualizing, managing and storing data to create various insights. This will help the companies to understand the powerful data-driven decisions. Data Science requires the usage of both unstructured and structured data. It is a multidisciplinary field that has its roots in statistics, math and computer science for the students of Engineering Colleges India. It is one of the most highly sought-after jobs due to the large availability of data science positions and a lucrative pay-scale.

Under given are certain points that will provide the necessary insights about Data Science.

Advantages of Data Science

The various benefits of Data Science include the following:

Offers great demand

Data Science is in great demand. Prospective job seekers of best engineering colleges India have numerous opportunities. It is the fastest growing job on Linkedin and is expected to create 11.5 million jobs in the coming few years. by 2026. With this, Data Science has become a highly employable job sector.

Abundance of Positions

There are only few people of the list of engineering colleges who have the required skill-set to become a complete Data Scientist. This makes Data Science less saturated when compared with other IT sectors. Therefore, Data Science is a vastly abundant field and has a lot of opportunities for the graduates. The field of Data Science has great demand but low in supply of Data Scientists.

A Highly Paid Career

Data Science is one of the most highly paid jobs in todays’ time. This makes Data Science an opportunistic and popular career option.

Data Science is Versatile

There are various applications of Data Science. It is widely used in health-care, consultancy services, banking, and e-commerce industries. Data Science is a very versatile industry. Therefore, students of Top BTech Colleges India will have the opportunity to work in various fields.

Data Science Makes Data Better

Companies require skilled Data Scientists to simply process and analyze their data. They not only analyze the data but can also improve its quality. Therefore, Data Science deals with enhancing data and making it better for their company.

Disadvantages of Data Science

Data Science is a very lucrative career option and offers various disadvantages to this field. In order to understand the full picture of Data Science, students of private engineering colleges Rajasthan must also know the limitations of Data Science. Some of them are as follows:

Data Science is Blurry Term

Data Science is a very general term and does not have an accurate definition. While it has become a buzzword, it is difficult to write down the exact meaning of a Data Scientist. The specific role for a data scientist for the students of Engineering colleges Rajasthan depends on the field that the company is specializing in.

Mastering Data Science is near to impossible

Data science is a mixture of many fields. It has rooted from Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics. It is far from possible to master each field and be equivalently expert in each one of them. While many online courses have been trying to fill the skill-gap that the data science industry is facing, it is still not possible for the students of top engineering colleges Rajasthan to be proficient at it considering the immensity of the field. An individual with a statistical background may not be able to master Computer Science on short notice. Therefore, it is an ever-changing, dynamic field that requires an individual to keep learning the various avenues of Data Science.

Large Amount of Domain Knowledge Required

One of the biggest disadvantages of Data Science is its dependency on Domain Knowledge. A person with a considerable background in Statistics and Computer Science will find it difficult to solve Data Science problem without having the knowledge of its background. The same holds true for its vice-versa.

Arbitrary Data May Yield Unexpected Results

A Data Scientist analyses the data and makes careful predictions that can facilitate the decision-making process of the students of BTech colleges in Rajasthan. Majority of times, the data provided is arbitrary and does not yield expected results. Also, this can fail due to weak management and poor utilization of resources.

Problem of Data Privacy

For many industries, data is the correct thing to us. Data Scientists help companies make data-driven decisions. However, the data utilized in the process may violate the privacy of customers. The personal data of clients are visible to the parent company and can cause data leaks due to lapse in security. The ethical issues in terms of preservation of data-privacy and its usage have been a concern for many industries.


After analysing the pros and cons of Data Science, engineers of top engineering colleges in India can envision the full picture of this field. While Data Science is a field with many lucrative benefits, it also suffers from its disadvantages. Data Science is an ever-evolving field that takes years to gain proficiency. An individual must decide whether the pros of Data Science motivate them to take this up as their future career or the cons that help you take a careful decision.

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