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Pros and Cons of BTech in Artificial Intelligence course

Pros and Cons of BTech in Artificial Intelligence

Technology is an important part of human progress. It has allowed students of BTech in Artificial Intelligence to excel in the regular environments. With tech becoming more universal and digitization of classrooms, the pros and cons of artificial intelligence have been the focus of many heated debates between education and tech experts.

Computers are becoming smarter, and artificial intelligence is more science-fact than science-fiction. Educators could soon find themselves at the head of a digital classroom with AI at its great.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Use AI

Machine take decision according to their previous data records. With algorithms, the probability of errors is reduced. This is an achievement, as solving complex problems require difficult calculation that can be done without any error by the students of top engineering colleges in Rajasthan. Business organizations use digital assistants to interact with their users and further helps them to save an ample amount of time. The demand for businesses is fulfilled by the users and thus they do not have to wait, as they are programmed to give the best possible assistance to the user.

AI can be worn out easily

Artificial Intelligence and the science of robotics is used in mining and other fuel exploration processes by the students of the list of engineering colleges India. These complex machines help them to explore the ocean floor and overcome human limitations and issues. Due to the programming of the robots, they can easily perform a more laborious task with extra hard work and with greater responsibility.

Digital assistance are helpful chores

Siri listens to us and performs the task and follow every order in just one tap. GPS helps students of Best BTech Colleges to travel the world. It is also helpful in food, clothing, shelter, and smartphone. It offers the auto-correct feature that helps you understand what you are trying to say and present you the sentence in the best way possible. A machine automatically detects the Google photos or tag you when you try posting pictures on your social media. A folder is automatically created of the people with the help of their faces. Artificial Intelligence is widely employed by financial and banking institutions, as it helps them to organize and manage data. Also, detection of fraud uses artificial intelligence as per the smart card system.

Rational decision maker

The highly advanced organizations have digital assistants which help students of private engineering colleges to interact with the users and save the need for human resources. Right program decisions can be taken if they are worked in a correct way. Humans are always filled with emotions. There is no distraction with artificial intelligence thinkers. Also, they do not have an emotional side, and that makes robots think logically. Emotions are not related with them and therefore the mood does not hamper the efficiency. Thus, they are always productive.

Repetitive jobs

A repetitive jobs and tasks are always monotonous in nature and can be carried out with the help of machine intelligence. Machines think faster than humans and can perform various functions at the same time for the students of BTech Artificial Intelligence Colleges. It can be employed to carry out difficult tasks and its parameters are adjusted. This is not possible with humans as their speed and time cannot be calculated on the basis of parameters.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Every coin has two sides and so does Artificial Intelligence have.

High cost

AI comes always with a high cost, but there is no such thing as a free lunch too. A complex machine requires huge costs. Apart from the installation cost, its repair and maintenance also require huge costs for the students of top btech colleges in Jaipur. The software programs must frequently upgrade and cater to the needs of the changing environment. Also, the cost of procurement is very high in case of a breakdown. With that, recovery needs huge time too.

No human replication

No matter how smart a machine becomes, it can never duplicate a human. Machines are rational but, very inhuman as they do not possess both emotions and moral values. They do not know what is ethical and what is legal. Due to this, they do not have their own judgment making skills. They do what they are told to do and therefore the judgment of right or wrong is vacant for them. If engineers encounter a situation that is unfamiliar to them then they perform incorrectly or else break down in such situations.

No improvement with Experience

Artificial intelligence cannot be improved with experience, instead they can perform the same function again if no different command is provided to them. With time, it can lead to wear and tear completely. It stores a lot of data but the way it can be accessed and used is fully different from human intelligence. Artificial intelligence does not have any feeling and because of which there is nothing like working with a whole heart or with full passion for them. Nobody can deny from the fact that belonging or togetherness or a human touch. They fail to distinguish between a hardworking individual and an inefficient individual.


Unemployment can create severe effects. With capital intensive technologies, human-intensive requirements have decreased in some industries, especially for the students of best engineering colleges India. If in the future, humans do not add to their skills, then in no time, we can see that they will be replaced with machines. The major issue of the GDP being stagnant or not growing at the expected rate is unemployment. People do not possess the required skills that are in demand. Due to this, there is a huge demand and supply gap.


The pros and cons of artificial intelligence being evaluated, it is up to the user, reader, and their perspective. AI and robotics will improve the way aspirants of engineering colleges think, the way they explore new horizons, whether space or the ocean. As the age-old saying goes, necessity is the mother of all innovations similar to the AI. Human beings know what they need and are getting increasingly better in defining their needs and quickly transforming this into reality.

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