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Project ideas for newbies – Artificial Intelligence Career

Artificial Intelligence project ideas

Learning Artificial Intelligence is complex, but it is not difficult either. Once students of BTech college get started with the right artificial intelligence courseware and work on a number of hands-on projects, your basics get clearer. To understand the AI domain and to implement it to solve business problems, one needs to know the latest tools and techniques associated with this domain. There are some interesting artificial intelligence project ideas that will help you in getting better acquainted with the technology.

1. Learn to Drive with Reinforcement Learning

This project idea is to help the driver find the space between the gaps on the race track. It aims to help students of Engineering Colleges in India in learning how to drive by figuring out a solution through the obstacle he faces on the race track. This artificial intelligence project idea makes use of reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning is a part of machine learning that focuses on how intelligent agents should take actions in their present environment to ensure optimal performance. It combines artificial neural networks with a reinforcement learning architecture that enables the agents defined by software to take the best possible action in order to achieve their goals. Most of the self-driving cars make use of various algorithms based on reinforcement learning that teaches machines how to behave throughout their interactions with their environment.

2. Face Recognition System

Face recognition is also known as Biometric Artificial Intelligence-based application. It is a biometric software application that identifies or verifies a person’s identity by analyzing patterns based on the facial outline of the person.

It makes use of the concept of pattern recognition, deep learning, face analysis and machine learning to develop facial recognition systems. It begins with the process of face detection, face analysis, converting an image to data available and finding the right match. This is one of the most popular artificial intelligence project ideas for the students of top engineering colleges Jaipur as it is applicable to multiple industries. This technique is used by social media companies, face scanning in colleges, healthcare apps like Face2Gene, and even the tech giant, Apple, that uses facial recognition to unlock iPhone X.

3. AI-Powered Automation System

This system can be used especially in the banking and finance industry where multiple transactions take place in a day. AI can be leveraged to detect fraud in transactions, if it has already taken place or if it is about to take place. The AI-powered automation system has automation software that makes use of a search engine. These tasks are automated along with email and phone services.

For instance, as you call the bank, you will contact the chatbots first. These chatbots will recognize your query and provide the correct response. If it is unable to do so, you will be then directed to the human customer care representative.

4. Wine Quality Analyzer

Now this one is the most interesting project idea. By using a specific set of data, students of engineering colleges Jaipur can know the quality of the wine. But here we are talking about alcohol percentage, pH content, amount of acidity and a lot more. Using artificial intelligence, students of the BTech Colleges in India can easily test the wine’s quality based on these factors. You can use different architectures to see how the algorithm works in each case. This is definitely one of the most creative Artificial Intelligence project ideas out there.

5. Advertising and Product Suggestions

The use of AI in digital marketing, adverts and product suggestions takes this domain to a different level altogether. The moment an individual start exploring a website to check out some items to purchase, the algorithm scans from a pile of ads and recommends the most relevant ads that you might be interested in. These advertising and product suggestions are used by tech giants like Google and Amazon wherein they rely on ads for marketing their product.

6. Essay graders and Plagiarism Analyzers

Grading the essays written by students of Top BTech Colleges in India takes a lot of time if done manually. Also, it is next to impossible to check plagiarism on every tool available to test if the content is authentic. This brings us to the need for essay graders and plagiarism analyzers. Essay graders that are powered by AI can be of great help to professors in grading the students in a shorter span of time. Also, the plagiarism analyzers that AI are capable of scanning enormous online content to check for duplicacy.

7. Sales Predictor

There is always a surplus stock of products there. This is where the sales predictor comes and extends a helping hand. The data sets of these big markets are easily available on the Internet. By creating a sophisticated algorithm, students of best BTech colleges can predict sales from a large data set. This is another good AI project that will teach them to work with different algorithms and know their impact.


A beginner in AI is good to practice by working on different projects. This will improve your conceptual knowledge too and give you more confidence to aim for creating more advanced projects. The next step towards learning more about AI projects is by enrolling in The Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business Applications at top engineering colleges India.

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