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Programming Languages

Without programming languages, there is no programmer. There are almost thousands of programming languages, a programmer is using around the world. But out of these bunch of languages which are the most common languages. Arya College Jaipur supports all the programming languages. The college aspires to teach every programming language to the students. Hence in this blog, we are here to discuss the most commonly learned or used programming languages by the programmers around the world:


  • Python is very easy to learn the language. The language is capable of interfacing with almost all other languages and it is currently in practice.
  • The language is based on the precompilation of the libraries. It compiles with the support of numerous other libraries available as open source.
  • As python is an open source language, it can be modified or enhanced for application customized purpose. This feature of python language makes it popular among budding programmers.
  • Python is thought to be one of the best and easy languages for the machine learning language.
  • The language has the most elaborated library or set of libraries which are available for the public domain.
  • Python has a moderate speed as compared to the native languages like C++ and other GIT languages like JAVA.


  • R is another programming language. It is pure data science language which supports huge data processing on the location.
  • R has an extensive catalog of statistical and graphical methods. It also includes the machine learning algorithm, linear regression, time series, statistical inference, etc.
  • R is a primary language which supports Hadoop data storage and big data applications.
  • The language has visibility support of Plotly and High charter and also known as Linger Franke of data science.
  • R is the fastest learning cube in the all other languages of data science. In comparison to python, R always wins in term of the data science applications.


  • The language is an open source language which further seems to be a replacement for the programming language Python.
  • Go have the support of Google. It is the amalgamation of various tools which forms a virtual ID (Integrated Development) environment.
  • The language is the language of modern time with the support of 64-bit architecture and designed for web applications.
  • Go has both speed and fast learning curve as compared to that of programming language Python.
  • Go inhibits the support of several technologies under Google’s hood as it has very close integration with both R and Python. Home Page

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