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Problems faced by students of Best Engineering Colleges

Maintain the balance between demand and supply of engineers

In today’s time, one of the major problems millions of engineering graduates of the best engineering college in Jaipur facing is a large number of engineer graduates in the country. Chronic unemployment has become an embarrassing issue, plaguing the engineering sector. However, one of the main reasons for this persistent problem of unemployment among young engineers is that there are way too many engineers in India. Arya College is also one of the best engineering colleges.

The basic rule of economics demand versus supply applies here, the supply of engineering graduates; far exceeds the demand (number of engineering jobs). So thousands of engineering graduates of Best engineering colleges in Jaipur face an uncertain future by the time they graduate. Many engineers due to the lack of jobs often engage in professions which have very little to do with engineering-like peon work, bank PO (probationary officer), school teacher, BPO, etc.

Lack of Practical Experience

Every year a huge number of students graduate from engineering colleges in Jaipur is just pen and paper engineers. They have lots of theoretical knowledge with zero practical experience. Apart from the Tier 1 engineering colleges, most of Tier 2 and 3 engineering are heavy on academics but give very little significance to practical learning or hands-on training. There are little to no internships, industry visits, etc. Students have almost zero industry experience, and their knowledge limits to the books they have studied.

Solution: The top private engineering colleges need to make the syllabus more profession or job oriented. With rigorous academics, regular industry interfaces, and at least 3 internships should be introduced.

Outdated Syllabus

Unfortunately, the majority of the second and third tier engineering colleges follow an out of date syllabus. The students are not well versed in the latest software, technologies prevalent in the industries. Obviously, most of the IT firms are reluctant to hire such engineers who lack knowledge of in-demand technologies. The companies consider these graduates a liability as a lot of time and money have to spend in training them.

Solution: Update syllabus as earlier as possible. List of engineering colleges in Jaipur should make the syllabus not exam oriented but industry oriented. Include advanced programming languages like Java, C, C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Curse of Rote Learning

The Indian engineering education system is exam oriented. Most of the 2nd and 3rd tier colleges discourage innovation and research; the students quickly mug up thick tomes/books without understanding basic engineering concepts.

Solution: Encourage more research and innovation in a top engineering college in Jaipur.

Disinterested Students

Engineering after medical studies considers by Indian parents as lucrative. B Tech colleges in Jaipur are thought to be as the ticket to higher pay packages in the corporate world. Therefore, driven by this mistaken thought many middle-class parents in India induce/force their children to study engineering. Students, who are not at all interested in the subject, take it up to pacify parents or due to peer pressure.

Solution: Education should be interest and aptitude oriented and not job oriented.

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