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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Prepare well with Best Placement College in Jaipur

Gets set go for your career

All the years of learning and picking up skills finally find fulfillment when you land your dream job at a good company. With so many good companies looking to hire and even more number of quality graduates looking to get the job, the process is bound to get tougher every year.

Students at Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur prepares and grooms for the placement, right from the very first day of the semester. The colleges incorporate the best tips and tricks regarding interviews, aptitude tests, and more within the folds of our syllabus so that the students can get prepared for the placement rounds along with acquiring knowledge about their subjects. Arya is also the best placement college in Jaipur.

There are certain tips to grab the best placements:-

Start with self-evaluation

Self-evaluation means that you need to carry out a SWOT test on yourself. Take some time out and try to identify your accomplishments and strengths. Take a good look at your interests and hobbies and think about the kind of job that you want to do. Ask yourself about those weaknesses of yours that are stopping you from achieving the job you want to grab. Also, you should start working on those weaknesses as soon as possible.

Build a remarkable resume

The following are the top things that a recruiter will notice on your resume. It includes Qualifications and scores, Projects, internships, and certifications and extracurricular activities. The presentation of your resume is also important as the recruiters judge you on that as well. Make sure that your resume is clear, clean, and precise.

Brush up the aptitude test skills

The one hurdle is obviously the biggest one. If you happen to fail the aptitude test at 100% Placement Colleges in Jaipur, you can find the coveted offer letter. The questions for the aptitude test revolve around certain skills. For instance, analytical skills, logical reasoning powers, data interpretation, subjective knowledge, and written communication.

Gear up for the Group Discussions

The skills tests in the GD round includes the following factors. Like initiating capability, ideas, and depth of knowledge, verbal communication, exchange of thoughts and expressiveness. Moreover, it includes listening capabilities, and coordination and leadership skills. Group discussions are generally tricky as you need to walk the fine line between being too meek and too aggressive.

Prepare for the personal interviews

Create, collect, and download a probable list of interview questions. Try to think of answers to the common interview questions. For instance, your career goals, motivations, career interests, skills, strengths, and more alike. The technical round of interviews tests the depth of your knowledge on a subject.

Arya College feels proud that every year the students of Highest Placement College in Jaipur come out with flying colors. It is possible due to the hard work and dedication of the students. Also, it requires the grooming and training provided by the placement cell at Engg Colleges Jaipur.

After all, the success of a student in getting a good job is ultimately the success of the institution.

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