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Online Courses Teaching Skills to Boost your Resume

Must do Online Courses for students of B Tech Colleges

Online Courses can help students of B Tech Colleges level up their career and stay competitive whether they have a job or are looking for one. Here are eight resume-worthy skills individuals can learn from the comfort of their couch with short online courses.

HTML, General Assembly

Learning - HTML is the foundation of the websites students of Computer Science Engineering enjoy. However, the online interactive learning platform allows individuals to learn HTML, and access CSS and JS by building useful projects like a personal website, blog, small business website, and more.

Real-world value - HTML in itself helps in a range of fields from design to customer support to technical writing. Since it is the foundation of the web, it comes into play in a range of areas.

SQL, Codecademy

Learning - SQL basics like manipulation and queries through real-world projects and data sets. When students of Top Engineering Colleges are done with learning SQL course, they must continue onto other SQL courses of other institutions.

Real-world value - SQL is used in marketing careers, product management, software engineering, business intelligence, data careers and more. With SQL, individuals can look at usage data to make business-related decisions. Like HTML, it serves many purposes.

WordPress, Udemy

Learning - Word Press for beginners shows the main features of the content management system (CMS) to the students of Engineering Colleges, how to get a website up and running, and more. After all, this course is great for someone who just wants to familiarize themselves with the basics or wants a starting point to learn more advanced WP skills.

Real-world value - Many businesses use Word Press to power their websites or company blogs to keep their customers informed. Knowing their way around it can be particularly helpful with marketing roles - especially content marketing where writing and formatting on a blog are usually involved.

Spreadsheets/Excel, Coursera

Learning - In this, students of Top Private Engineering Colleges will learn spreadsheet tools and formulas. However, it will allow them to transform cells and columns into powerful insights and data models.

Real-world value - Knowing their way around spreadsheets has lots of real-world value. Being able to make and interpret spreadsheets will make individuals life a lot more efficient. However, it includes business intelligence, analytics, and data analysis to marketing careers, management, and other business positions,

Web analytics, Lynda

Learning- Web analytics encompasses page value measurement, SEO, social media campaigns, and more. Basically, it is all about understanding user behavior, what works and what does not, and how to optimize students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur business’s online presence.

Real-world value - Web analytics is extremely useful in marketing careers. It includes SEO/SEM positions and general website/business management. However, the more effectively you are reaching consumers, the more sales you will make.

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