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Must-have skills for Artificial Intelligence graduates

Skills for Artificial Intelligence Graduates

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has gained lots of popularity in the recent years. From robots serving food in restaurants to self-driving cars, these applications of artificial intelligence shown in our day-to-day lives. AI develops intelligent software and systems mainly based on how human minds learn, think, decide, and solve a problem. It enables machines to perform human-like functions by learning via experiences.

While professionals of top engineering colleges across the globe worried about robots replacing humans. AI is an emerging field that will create 2.8 million jobs in the present era. AI is a wide term that encompasses machine learning, general artificial intelligence, expert systems, data mining, and more. So, in today’s world, AI capabilities are in high demand across various industries. Demand including gaming, robotics, face recognition software, vision recognition, weaponry, speech recognition, expert systems, and search engines. While evaluating your career options in this emerging field, there are various jobs in artificial intelligence and the skills that students of btech colleges Jaipur need to transition into these roles.

Machine Learning Engineer

One of the most sought-after jobs in AI, machine learning engineers of top btech colleges must possess strong software skills. They will be able to apply predictive models, and utilize natural language processing while working with massive data sets. In addition, machine learning engineers expected to know agile practices, software development methodology, and the complete range of modern software development tools. It varies from IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJ to the components of a continuous deployment pipeline.

Hiring companies prefer candidates holding a master's or doctoral degree in computer science or mathematics. Degree should be from a Top Engineering College with working knowledge of modern programming languages. Also, it includes Python, Java, and Scala. These organizations usually prefer professionals or engineering experts with strong computer programming skills. Also, knowledge of cloud applications, expert mathematical skills, computer languages, excellent communication, and analytical skills, and certifications like machine learning.

Robotic Scientist

Robots can automate jobs and require programmers of best engineering colleges in Rajasthan who are working behind the scenes to ensure they function well. However, robotic science used for multiple functions from space exploration, security, healthcare, too many other scientific fields. Their primary function is to build mechanical devices and robots who can perform tasks by getting commands from humans. Also, other necessary skills required for this role include manipulating computer programs and writing by collaborating with other specialists, and developing prototypes.

A bachelor’s degree in robotic engineering, mechanical engineering, electro-mechanical engineering and electrical engineering is an essential prerequisite. Companies also look for professionals of Engineering colleges Rajasthan with specializations in advanced mathematics, physical sciences, computer science, life sciences, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), physics, fluid dynamics and materials science, and related AI certification.

Data Scientist

Data scientists analyse, collect, and interpret large amounts of data by using machine learning and predictive analytics to gain insights beyond statistical analysis. They should have expertise in using Big Data platforms and tools that includes Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Spark, and MapReduce. Data scientists are also fluent in programming languages. That further includes structured query language (SQL), Python, Scala, and Perl, along with the statistical computing languages.

Data scientists are highly educated, as majority of them holds a master's or doctoral degree. Also, an advanced degree in computer science preferred by the students of Top Private Engineering Colleges Rajasthan. The most desired technical skills are in-depth knowledge of SAS and R, Hadoop platform, Python coding, experience working on cloud tools like Amazon’s S3, along with the ability to understand unstructured data. Non-technical skills require strong communication and analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, and business acumen.

Research Scientist

A research scientist of engineering college India is an expert in multiple artificial intelligence disciplines, including computational statistics, machine learning, and applied mathematics. In particular, these areas include deep learning, reinforcement learning, computer perception, graphical models, natural language processing, and data representation, graphical models, computer perception, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and data representation.

A master’s or doctoral degree in computer science at best computer science engineering college or a related technical field or equivalent practical experience is the basic requirement for this role. Also, companies tend to prefer professionals who possess skills like parallel computing, knowledge of algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and distributed computing, and benchmarking. Alongside these qualifications, an in-depth understanding of computer architecture. Also, strong verbal and written communication skills are recommended for candidates those interested in this field.

Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence developers are in great demand. Their main job is to analyse complex data and look for current market and business trends. Thereby, it increases the profitability and efficiency of the organization. Not only are they masters of strong technical and analytical skills, but students of top BTech colleges also have sound communication and problem-solving skills. They are responsible for modeling, designing, building, and maintaining data for complex, extensive, and highly accessible cloud-based data platforms.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science at best btech colleges or a related field is required. Also, a combination of certifications and on-the-job experience are preferred for this role. Candidates with experience in data warehouse design, knowledge of BI technologies, data mining, SQL queries, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Also, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and popular data science certifications are preferred.


For students of engineering colleges who are planning to pursue a spot in the AI field, they must start today by preparing yourself with the tools needed to execute the job successfully. Getting certifications in domains like machine learning and AI is a great place to start, and with the right education, the opportunities becomes endless.

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