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Must-do courses for engineering graduates

Best Courses for Engineering Graduates

The top companies, who are offering best jobs, always look for candidates of Top BTech Colleges in Jaipur having professional skills. They do not want to invest very high in on-job-training. Due to this, it is becoming important to have those skills in them even before they join their first company.

With 100s of companies, there are certain must-do courses which will teach them professional skills, what companies are looking in all the engineers of engineering colleges. Some must-do courses for all the engineering students, independent of their departments are as follows:

Good Command on Programming Languages like C, C++ & JAVA

There is not a single sector where programming languages is not used. Like blood, the programming languages are running in various different machine. Robotics, IOT, thermal power plant, Automobile, textile machine controls etc, all the industries are looking for people of Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. Which know the good know how of the core technology along with the programming skills. For instance, colleges initiative in this is very helpful to you. Seeing the need of the industrial expert working with them, they started offering a course on programming. It is called as Minor Degree in Programming. The objective of the course is to teach them and provide them industrial exposure of programming languages C, C++ and JAVA.

Start-up Course

Nowadays, it has become very easy and important to start your own business. Today, the main challenge is to come up with good ideas and execution part is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Especially talking about online/digital ventures. The cost of starting a new website is minimal. So the social media presence is free, PR from newspapers can be hold easily if the idea is nice etc. Thus, anyone can think of starting a new venture.

However, still only 1% of startups has become successful. Due to this, most of the startups are started without any previous learning and without funding, it becomes difficult to sustain it for long. While completing a formal course on Startup, students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur start with a lot of learning already and the chances of success of their startup will increase manifold.

Even companies during their hiring process are constantly increasingly and looking for people with entrepreneurial spirit as the market conditions change as a much faster rate today. With the current market scenario, a course on startup is essential for both budding entrepreneurs and should crack a good and challenging job.

Web Development

Web Development has become a must have skill for the students of best BTech colleges in Jaipur. Whether a person is from technical or non-technical background. The fact that it has become very easy to start their own website today has also led to the increasing popularity of this skill. While knowing the web development, they will not feel handicapped when they come up with an exciting idea and want to start a business around it. They can create a website within a few hours and learn the skill within a few weeks.

Android Development

All the big digital companies/startups today act as daily customers and are basically mobile apps – Uber, Zomato, Instagram, WhatsApp, MakeMyTrip etc. With mobile app as their core product, these companies are constantly looking for good android developers. Sometimes even without any salary limit. Therefore, if students of btech colleges can gain competency in android development, they will always be constantly in high demand in the industry.

Big Data

The big data consider 3 Vs like Volume, Variety and Velocity. While spending more and more time online as users/consumers, students of engineering colleges in Jaipur are generating a variety of data (text/audio/video) on a real time basis and on a massive scale if all user data is aggregated. Due to this, the importance of deriving insights from this massive unstructured data has grown exponentially. Companies change their marketing strategies, customer segmentations, business models, growth strategies etc. as per the big data analytics.

However, the supply of big data analysts is very low currently when compared to the demand. While learning this skill, students of BTech colleges India must ensure a high paying job. The work is exciting as well. Because they are going to make an impact on a macro-level in terms of company strategies.

Ethical Hacking

With more and more of physical devices are getting connected with the internet, they are also becoming vulnerable to hacking. The rise of Internet of Things will make everything hackable around us. In this scenario, it is essential for the students of best btech colleges to secure their private data. Otherwise it could be misused easily. It has resulted in a huge demand for cyber security professionals in the market.

A good start to become an expert in cyber security is to learn ethical hacking. Ethical Hacking will serve another reason as an atlas makes them more aware of their own online vulnerabilities. And tackle them for their own safety.

Resume Building

Although this is not a core skill, but this skill is the most essential to have. If this is absent, no other skills can compensate it as they would not show the recruiters how competent they are. While applying for a job, their resume talks to the recruiter. Thus, it is very important to learn the skill of writing the best resume. So that they can atleast make sure that they get the interview shortlist.

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