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Most important tech terms to know by the Engineers

Tips to learn basic tech terms by Engineers

In today’s world, every student is tech-savvy. Technology has become a significant part of their academic life. Nowadays, the Internet also has become a go-to research portal. The students of top engineering colleges in India have an application on their phone which reminds them about the next date of their final exam. There are many important tech terms to know for better opportunities.

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives, especially in engineering education. Traditional teaching methods in classrooms have become history. These days, classrooms are technology-enabled smart classes, which keep students of Top B Tech College excited towards learning. Not only laptops, tablets, and smart books, but also access to education has been expanded in the form of audios, videos, and images that are now available at fingertips due to the availability of the internet.

How Technology Taking a New Shape

All over the world, formal learning opportunities are available. They are unprecedented due to new technological advancements or important tech terms. The modern age engineers are moving forward than ever, as technology is taking a new shape, which was adopted in order to make students of Best Engineering Colleges India ready for the future and new opportunities.

The acknowledgement of students in their interests and engagements in using technologies plays an important role. It creates various opportunities for teachers and colleges. Also, it integrates various forms of technology in the classroom and makes learning and teaching effectively. If students of Top Engineering Colleges Rajasthan are willing to learn all things related to technology, they will probably run across so many new vocabulary words that they feel like being in a high school and studying for SAT examination. Therefore, it is equally necessary for each and every student of b tech college to learn basic tech terms, no matter if you are a beginner.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience deals with the different ways where a person experiences a product, especially in terms of websites or apps. UX is primarily concerned with ease of use and user satisfaction or enjoyment.


It is an outline of all the pages on a website


Every part of a machine that users interact with mainly counts things like displays, screens, keyboards, mouse or touchpads, etc.

User Research

User research the observation and analysis that is conducted with the goal of understanding user needs and behaviors.


A wireframe is defined as a sketch of a website or web application that includes key components on the site.

Workflow Tools & Hardware

It is a tool that helps increase user’s productivity and efficiency.

Text Editor

It is a type of software that is used in coding and programming to write plain, unformatted text. For instance, Sublime Text, Brackets, TextEdit, TextWrangler, Notepad++


An integrated development environment helps students of B Tech Colleges in Rajasthan to program more efficiently. It is similar to a text editor but has more features. For instance, PyCharm, Webstorm


A router is a step between a computer and a modem. Whenever information arrives at a modem via broadband, the router deciphers and sends that data to your computer.

Virtual Machine (VM)

A virtual machine is software that behaves like hardware. It has no physical presence but can run programs like a physical machine. There are two types of Virtual Machines including system virtual machines and process virtual machines.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs provide an additional layer of security to different types of networks. They can also be used for public or private networks, but are most common in corporations that want to protect data.

Version Control

Version control is a system that tracks changes to a file or set of files over time. It enables students of top engineering colleges to recall specific versions. Also, if certain changes fail to work, it saves them from the trouble of undoing all the steps.

Task Manager

Task Manager is an application that makes it possible to automate repetitive but necessary tasks by streamlining their work process. For instance, Grunt, Gulp.

Front-end Development

Front-end development is also known as the “client-side,” because it is what users or clients will see on their computers. The front end of a website or app involves the display/design coded into it.


Hypertext Markup Language is the face of the internet. Each and every website that professionals of best engineering colleges build has HTML. Also, web browsers read HTML files and convert them into the website that users can ultimately see.


Cascading Style Sheets is the makeup from the face of HTML. It enables an individual to choose styles and add variety.


JavaScript is one of the programming languages that run in the client. It is the most popular language in web development. Today, it used on the back end too.

Back-end Development

Back end development is also known as the server-side. The back end is what happens behind the scenes to make a website or app run while the front end is the face, and the back end is the brain. It includes servers and databases.


Application Programming Interface, used in software development to provide a set of rules and building blocks for a program.


The database is a collection of a web app’s data.


Software development method is designed to help IT professionals to communicate and work together better. It unites developers with other IT workers with the end goal of increased production and efficiency.

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