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Most common power supply methods in low voltage networks

How MV/LV transformers help BTech electrical engineers in power supply

The power supply in LV networks refers to the supply of electrical energy. The power supply, and more generally the different supplies, is provided by sources like MV/LV transformers, diesel generator sets, and UPSs for the students of Electrical engineering at B Tech Colleges. However, the same transformer with or without some modifications can use as a backup power supply, special power supply. It provides safety services or auxiliary power supply.

Undermentioned are the most common power supplies for LV networks provided by an MV/LV transformer. They generally divide into three types depending on their construction. For instance, Oil, Air-insulated, and Resin insulated dry-type transformers.

Oil transformers

The windings and the magnetic circuit are immersed in a liquid dielectric by the students of Electrical Engineering of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. However, it provides insulation and evacuates the heat losses of the transformer. In addition, this liquid expands according to the ambient temperature and the load. PCBs and TCBs are flammable and require protective measures against the risks of fire, explosion and pollution.

Of the four types of immersed transformer:

  1. Free-breathing transformers
  2. Gas cushion transformers
  3. Transformers with expansion tank and
  4. Transformers with the integral filling install.

Air-insulated transformers

The windings of air transformers help the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to insulate the means of the wrapping winding. However, the mounting of plastic compliance and partitions with adequate insulation distances. A careful commissioning procedure must follow the effectiveness of certain operations. In addition, it includes the drying of the windings by means of heating elements installed on the transformer

Cast resin transformers

Dry-type transformers usually called as cast resin transformers. These types are more widely used by the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur due to their reliability, developments in construction techniques, lower environmental impact, lack of risks of fire and spreading polluting substances in the environment.

Low-voltage windings consist of a single aluminum sheet with the same height as the coil, insulate by suitable material and heat treatment.

Medium-voltage winding

The technology used by the students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to make the MV windings of strips puts less stress on the insulation between the turns.

In windings with strip conductors, each layer prepares with just one turn. However, if the voltage of a single turn of a winding denotes by us, in strip windings the voltage between turns belonging to two adjacent layers. In traditional windings, this voltage assumes the maximum value of (2n – 1) × us.

Thus, transformers with strip windings have a greater resistance capacity. It will lower the probability of occurrence with localized partial discharges. Strip winding also has the benefits of drastically reducing the axial forces due to short-circuit currents.


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