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Mobile app development trends 2021-2022 – Engineering colleges

Mobile app development Trends

Mobile app development is an area of lightning-fast changes, disruptive technologies, and new blooming trends that help companies win customers in this tumultuous period for the industry. The impact of the global lockdowns has shifted the general focus in mobile app development trends towards mobile-first, contactless, and connected services.

1. 5G

Modern app development by the students of top engineering colleges has the luxury of utilizing 5G technology, the newest generation of telecommunication networks that’s already displaying stunning connection speeds. In fact, Open signal reports that 5G was between 1.6 and 15.7 times faster than 4G on download during trials. Together with the improved security and increased number of possible connections per square kilometer that 5G enables, the support of this new networking standard is on the verge of becoming one of the critical mobile app trends.

5G is transformative for mobile developers because it expands the possible functionality of apps. The gaming industry can leverage the speed of 5G to promote mobile versions of highly demanding games like Fortnite and Clash Royale.

Going further, 5G also opens a door for creating more sophisticated and realistic AR/VR apps, streaming quality 4K-8K and 360 videos, and introducing more interconnected IoT devices into the market.

2. Voice technology

In the not-so-distant past, voice technology had been presented merely as a fun gimmick to appeal to customers. Now, it is grown to reach the top trends in app development when it comes to mobile and IoT platforms. Some of its top examples include Voice search, a voice user interface, voice shopping consultants, etc.

Catering to this expanding user segment is a natural step that your business can take to achieve better telemarketing and boost customer satisfaction.

3. App Clips & Instant apps

Achieving high conversion rates is paramount when it comes to mobile applications and pretty tough too. You have seconds to grab a user’s attention, persuading them to install your application, and not much longer after that to convince them to stay. This is where instant apps come into play.

Instant apps represent a key segment of the 2021 mobile app trends to the students of Best Engineering Colleges India, giving users an opportunity to try an application before downloading it. They store minimal amounts of data locally, and users are not obligated to install anything to use them. A user simply needs to click on the link that the developer posts on their social media or website, and the app will be launched.

4. Foldable devices

Foldable devices mark the possible future of mobile app development, as user interest continues to pick up despite the higher-than-average prices. The main thing about folding displays is their transformative ability: you can use it as a phone and then, wherever needed, you can unfold the display and receive a medium-size tablet.

Some models allow users to fold them in instead of out, making them more compact. Brands that present foldable displays include the industry giants Samsung, with their Galaxy Z Fold model, Huawei, Motorola, and LG.

The trend presents not only an opportunity for smartphone manufacturers but a creative and technological challenge for app developers of Top Computer Science Engineering College. As the price tags for foldable devices grow more reasonable for the majority of users, developers should turn their eyes to this trend and tailor their apps to fit all kinds of screens, including folding displays.

5. Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication in mobile development normally refers to identifying users by their fingerprints or through facial recognition. As the latest mobile technology, biometrics redefines users’ expectations of how security should function for mobile applications.

For instance, apps like Apple Pay and PayPal use facial recognition to identify users and provide an additional level of protection to their funds and data. Whether you’re in fintech, retail, or healthcare, employing computer vision and other biometrics-processing technologies will allow your customers to appreciate an additional level of protection to their data and money.

6. Mobile-first leisure

Before the pandemic, people used to spend around 3 hours on their phones daily. In 2021, this number has already reached 4 hours 6 minutes, and 3 hours 41 minutes of this time are dedicated to mobile apps rather than browser usage. Leisure was the first area to go fully digital due to the COVID-19 restrictions, and users are not willing to give it up any time soon.

Essentially, mobile-first leisure is the most intuitive of the recent app development trends: since users favor mobile platforms, your business should leverage them.

8. Geolocation-based apps

Using GPS in the software developed by the students of best engineering college is one of the multi-purposeful mobile technology trends that suit any industry. For instance, retailers can use the concept of geolocation-based apps to help users quickly find their stores. You simply install their apps once, and they will automatically scan your location and lead the way.

Similarly, apps like Grubhub use GPS to improve customer experience by showing clients where their delivery person is at the moment and how soon they will arrive. Besides goods delivery, geolocation-based apps are also useful in the automotive industry (Google Maps, Onfleet, Geotab), travel and hospitality (Airbnb, Booking), sports (Nike+, Runtastic), and dating apps (Tinder, eHarmony).


Trends in mobile app development reflect what customers want to see in software and what other companies in your market have already started employing. If you want to launch a successful mobile application, it’s crucial to keep up with the fluctuating tendencies in the mobile industry and include the most powerful trends in your product.

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