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MBA Courses

MBA Courses - choose the field of specialization

Certainly, the number of applicants is increasing exponentially in the management field. The first year of MBA will disseminate the basic knowledge of the core course. It builds a foundation of the basic concepts of the different streams of (management) MBA courses. However, in the second year, you have to choose the specialization area in a particular subject. Arya College Jaipur offers all the different stream of MBA courses under one roof. The college is one of the best MBA colleges in Jaipur.

Many features influence your decision to choose the field of specialization. The features are job availability, interest, and package.

We have described the top MBA Courses below:

MBA Marketing

MBA marketing is the demand of time. The competition is increasing in the market, and hence, the demand for excellent market skills is increasing simultaneously. The marketing area will develop the ability to differentiate your product from other products ion market. Moreover, it will create the efficiency to sustain your product in the market for a long- time. The marketing department of any organization is responsible for new business ideas, grow more revenues, and uplift the market share. Above all, specialization will help in the contribution towards the company’s growth.

However, the students associated with this course will learn the insight of various areas like market research, market analysis, competition analysis, the behavior of consumers, customer analysis, ethics of business, product and brand management, digital marketing, e-commerce etc.

MBA Finance

MBA finance is one of the most popular choices in MBA courses. The specialization in this area will help you to understand the functioning of the financial world, various theories related to finance and how these can be applied to solve the different problems related to the business.

The students will have a wide range of areas to choose like asset management, investment banking, private equity, and management of the portfolio, fund management and many more. Moreover, the non- financial associated companies also have their financial departments that will help you to get a job in finance.

MBA Human Resources

An MBA in HR will help you to understand the management and retention of the workplace. HR department develops the knowledge of management of the employees and the execution of certain works related to the company. The work includes recruitments, training and development programs, jobs, assessments, compensations, and many other features. On the other hand, the HR people have to manage a good relationship between the organization and its employees. They are also responsible for the cordial relationship between everyone for the proper functioning of the organization.

MBA Consulting

An MBA degree in Consulting is the dream of most of the MBA aspirants. The advantage of this area is the high salary with the prerequisite to travel around the world. The feature makes the job demands. Consultants are hired when internal members of the company are unable to solve a problem or challenge bothering the functioning of the organization. The consultant gives opinion or advice to solve a particular problem associated with the company.

Moreover, the sectors associated with the consulting department are IT or technology, Operations, Boutiques, Strategy development, HR, Public Relation, or media, advertising, etc.

MBA Entrepreneurship

An MBA degree in entrepreneurship will enable you to start your own startups. It will build the ability to network to launch your new venture. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs face the challenge to develop a business model with the help of limited resources only.

The specialization in this department will help you to understand the real- world projects. The understanding of this will help you to take the right decisions considering the situations. Moreover, it will also help in the analysis of the market and develop the business plan accordingly. In addition, it will facilitate the successful interaction between the entrepreneurs to learn something from their vicissitudes.

MBA Information Systems

In today’s time, there is a demand for professionals who are the amalgamation of business knowledge and advance technology. The MBA degree in this area will help you to manage the e-commerce sites. On the other hand, you will also have knowledge of the competitive business world and technology of the IT field.

The areas of this department are the analysis of data and system, security of the network, management of the supply chain, project management and the decision making managerial skills.

MBA Operations management

The specialization in the operational management will give you the knowledge of management in the system of services and manufacturing. It will help the organization to survive in the competitive edges. Therefore, the learning of the MBA graduates will help to solve various problems associated with the management of the organization.

Moreover, the specialization in the area includes the product designing, management of supply chain, manufacturing, quality control, the cordial relationship between the teams and decision-making or outsourcing.

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