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Mathematical problems faced by students of M Tech Colleges in Jaipur

Study of STEM subjects

For different STEM Subjects, Mathematics is critical to study. A history marked the evidence that the development of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are fading with time. It is important for the students of M Tech Colleges in Jaipur to embrace mathematics in order to get the maximum from their studies. With scientific degree courses, students often struggle with the mathematical aspects. Under mentioned are some important mathematical problems that are arising with time. Top 10 engineering college in Jaipur observed the lack of content knowledge among students. The main concerning area is the mathematical process skills of the engineering aspirants

Problem: Students don't know enough maths

Best engineering colleges in Jaipur feels that it is obvious to have content knowledge while preparing for STEM education. That teaching chemistry, biology, physics, and other engineering courses claim that students are not even aware of the various topics in mathematics. But an engineering student from top engineering colleges in Jaipur must know about the complex numbers while the biologist must know about equations and graphs. These topics vary across different colleges and universities and thus created an overlap between the mathematical needs.

Problem: Students can't apply their knowledge

Regardless of any issues which might arise in the knowledge of content, students with good grades in mathematics at Engineering Colleges in Jaipur finds it difficult to apply the mathematical knowledge they own. Under mentioned are some reasons, common to all disciplines.

  • Overly Procedural thinking - Learning the content procedurally enables students to pass their mathematics exams. With this, they can answer different types of question by following a recipe. This is because the mind or deviations rise from the precise recipe. It causes the student to fail to know what to do.
  • Lack of ability to translate mathematical meaning to real-world meaning - Mathematically skilled students might face trouble in relating the mathematical process to a real-world context. It prevents the use of common sense having value in quantitative science.
  • Lack of ability to make approximations or estimations - Real scientific contexts are not that simple. In order to apply mathematics predicatively, estimations and approximations are required to prepare it. With this, students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur must understand the structure and meaning along with the underlying scientific meaning.
  • Lacks of multi-step problem-solving skills – From a mathematical point of view, scientific mathematics problems are not usually clearly 'signposted’. The student must assess the physical situation. Also, they have to decide how to represent it mathematically, decide what needs to be solved and then solve the problem.


In order to enjoy a STEM course of the engineering colleges, students must have a strong base of appropriate mathematical content coupled with an equivalently strong set of mathematical process skills allowing them to apply their knowledge successfully. Advanced mathematical problems differ from many standard textbook interventions and questions. It is because there is always a focus on mathematical processes.

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