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Learn top courses and ethical hacking certifications

Enhance your hacking career with Information Technology College

The rapid development of IT technologies enables hackers of Information Technology College to become an integral part of this process. Students must hear about computer security destroyers and the problems caused from time to time. These hackers cause many destructive problems. However, it is difficult for other users to use the Internet safely.

How ethical hacker is different from a computer hacker?

The ethical hackers are individuals from the list of engineering college Jaipur who hack into a computer network for assessing or evaluating its security. After all, they use hacking techniques in a legitimate and lawful manner. It is known as White Hat Hackers. While regular hackers are known as black hat hackers. In addition, they use the process of hacking for a destructive purpose like phishing purposes. This is the biggest and the major difference between computer hacker and ethical hacker.

What does ethical hacker do?

An ethical hacker of Engg College Rajasthan performs several functions like:
  1. An ethical hacker mainly scans ports by looking for different vulnerabilities.
  2. Ethical hackers have to check the patch settings and ensure the misuse of installations. They can participate in social engineering concepts of Best Engineering College in Rajasthan like diving-diving or scavenging in bins for charts or passwords.
  3. An ethical hacker avoids prevention systems and intrusion detection.
  4. Hackers bypass and hack wireless encryption along with web applications and web servers.

Who can be an ethical hacker?

Ethical hackers of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan must have a good and enough knowledge in programming and networking. However, they can work as a forensic or intrusion analysts, security professionals, or individuals who aim to take these job roles.

Top Ethical Hacking Certifications

  1. Certified Ethical Hacking Certification - CEH is the oldest, popular and superlative certification programs. It provides a certification to the students of Best BTech College Jaipur through this course. With this, you can become a skilled professional by understanding how to look at vulnerabilities and weaknesses in target systems. However, they can use the identical knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker and evaluate the security posture of a target system.
  2. GIAC Penetration Tester - SANS GPEN works under ethical hacking. This course at Engineering Colleges in Jaipur mainly covers in-depth technique approaches to verifying the entire way up through scoping and reporting. However, the main objectives of this are to attack password hashes, advanced password attacks, exploitation fundamentals, initial target scanning, pen-testing foundations, vulnerability scanning, etc. In addition, it uses the Windows command line and power shell, reconnaissance, and web application attacks.
  3. Offensive Security Certified Professional - OSCP is quite durable and tough. It contains practical training and exam. However, the Offensive security certified professional course assists students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur towards how to attain, alter and apply public exploit code.
  4. CREST - CRESTinformation certification body’s pen test exams and courses widely accepted across many countries. It helps to build high-quality capacity, capability, and consistency within the worldwide technical cybersecurity segment. In order to counter the risk of cyber-attack, it is significant for the students of Engg College Rajasthan to work in a collective manner and shares top practice and knowledge.

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