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Laboratory for Engineering Students

The Importance of Laboratory for engineering students

Engineers are popular for their practical knowledge and to gather the practical knowledge the students should work in the lab. In this modern era, technology is all that demanded by all the companies for their development. However, it is a fact that the methodological and experimental development will be analyzed by the experimental and practical knowledge among students through the associative activities. Arya College Jaipur understands and values the importance of well- equipped laboratory for aspiring engineers. Moreover, laboratories play a crucial role in the practical development of engineering students.

Laboratories in the different field of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering has the broadest spectrum of creativity and opportunities. Moreover, the laboratories for the mechanical engineering students provide Hydraulic Trainers, Electro- Pneumatic Trainers, and Mechanisms Trainers to aid the experimental and practical knowledge for various mechanical systems.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering: The labs of electronics and electrical engineers provide the precision if measuring equipment, soldering equipment, electric workstations, power supply, software, and accessories.

However, the labs at Arya College Jaipur offer system and component-based training for the better executions of the practical and theoretical knowledge.

Civil Engineering: The labs are well- equipped for the civil engineers. The labs of civil engineering have turbines, pumps, the naval kit of architecture, dynamometers for stability, navigational tunnels, rotodynamic machines. Other than these machines and equipment, the labs have the equipment for water treatment and management. In conclusion, it will help the students of civil engineering to learn their subject at a closer aspect.

Importance of Laboratories for Engineers

The laboratories at high school allow the students to face and manipulate the real-time problems in the future. It will also enable the students to learn many new theories and concepts of science with models and machinery at the lab. The learning and teaching at the laboratories make the topics easier for both the teachers and students. The basic learning a student gets from the engineering laboratories is:

Accuracy in the measurements of physical quantities

Factors identification which will affect the measurement reliability

Intrigue the tools, equipment, apparatus, and measuring tools.

Graphical, Verbal, Mathematical and Pictorial representation

Developing observations from the experiments

Observation, Prediction and Conclusion reporting

Formulation of formal reports

Identification of the problems that can be evaluated by the experiments

To comply with the state-of-the-art infrastructure Arya College Jaipur has made available over 1000 personal computers equipped with the latest software and connected to the latest accessories and services and other gadgets. Furthermore, the Labs are equipped with the latest software that includes different Language Compilers, Operating Systems, Visual Studios, and packages for academics and administrative Purposes.

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