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Is work experience really important before MBA?

Work experience and the MBA: How much is really necessary

Every student wishes to achieve the best in their studying years. Most of the MBA graduates are in dilemma to go for the management studies without having any work experience. This usually happens when they prepare their mind to go for the prestigious MBA entrance examinations.

In the midst of such confusion, aspirants of Top MBA Colleges in Jaipur often take advice from the experienced people or mature minds. Sometimes, they can get a difference in opinions while asking others. Some would insist on gaining some work experience before sitting for MBA exams. On the other hand, others would encourage them to go for it without prior experience. Whatever the case may be, both types of people get into Best Colleges for MBA. There is no hard and fast rule that either of the two categories will be benefitted more than the other after MBA.

How the institute deals with the complex problem

Students in most of the MBA Colleges in Jaipur might be worrying about losing on some valuable marks during the selection process. This is due to a lack of work experience. Therefore, it is important for them to know that every Best MBA College in Jaipur has a batch with a fine blend of fresher graduates as well as experienced people. Secondly, fresh graduates stepping out of their graduate college. Also, it allows large numbers of the Best institute for MBA without having an edge of work-ex in their portfolio.

Role of placements in your life

While talking about the placement scenario, it is important for the students of best Campus Placement college in Jaipur to know that some companies do offer a higher pay package to the experienced people. Also, they provide designation at a level up in comparison to that offered to a fresher. But, only a few companies follow this trend. Moreover, people without work experience are not at a loss, as most of the companies also look out for candidates having the desired skill-set and who can add value to their organizations.

How to get the maximum exposure in MBA

Pre-MBA work experience is also one of the most important factors in a student’s life. They feel that it is restricted in terms of exposure. Further, they are mostly on a project basis at a very low designation. On the other hand, work experience post-MBA is at a higher designation with more decision making power.


In conclusion, students of Top 10 MBA Colleges in Jaipur do not have prior work experience. Despite this, she/he should sit for MBA exams without worrying much. The reason is that an MBA degree holds a bright career ahead for all whether a fresh graduate or an experienced person.

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