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Is Social Media a good platform for the future?

The increasing use of Social Media

The collection of online communications channels which was designed for community-based input, content-sharing interaction, and collaboration is Social media. It has become very popular for the decades and we can find a million of users of Engineering Colleges in India at this platform. Social networking has got a new meaning with the changing time. Basically, it was a place where people of similar thoughts exchanged their views, but now it has been known to be the root of the establishment of many businesses today. The way people are using it today has completely changed its perspective.

Studies through Social Media

Social media has made its place in the academic sector also. A number of best B tech colleges in Rajasthan teaches students how to make good connections with people on personal and business levels through social networking sites. They learn how to grow their business through these platforms. But, the negative aspect of this is that people are becoming addictive about these sites.

Drawbacks shared by social media

They lose focus on the tasks at work or around the home. They have started ignoring their friends and relatives. Some people spend hours on these sites late at night and even don’t rest properly. Thus, it can affect their health too. So, it is advised that people should lose their track of time at these platforms with the technologies introduced by the students of Best B tech College Jaipur. Sharing too much information on social networking sites is also one of the drawbacks that most teenagers do. They become friendly with all the people or students of Arya College and sometimes they disclose their personal details too. This can be dangerous in many cases, as this information can be leaked. And the person whom you don’t know may also know everything about you. Sometimes they download your personal images and use them after editing to take their revenge. Professionals at Arya College of Engineering and IT are preparing a list of top engineering colleges in Rajasthan to bring better opportunities and future prospects for the willing candidates in different streams. It will further create an effective utilization of social media.


The new age society can make better use of social networking sites as they are smarter and understand the negative aspects of the technology too. So, being on the safer side and making its maximum use is in their hands.

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