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Is Declining Employability of MBA Colleges Graduates a Growing Concern?

Why there is a lack of supply and high demand in MBA?

In India, the concern over job prospects of MBA graduates is hardly new. There are many MBA Colleges across the world. They offer distance learning education without any guarantee of campus placement or recruitment. It is observed that there is a rapid decline in the number of application added during the placement sessions. The job market is shrinking fiercely by further narrowing the demands of global recruiters.

Theoretical knowledge with lack of problem-solving skills

In order to match up the best industry standards for Best Campus placements, colleges are ignoring the important aspects of their curriculum. It has increased the need for imparting practical knowledge and testing troubleshooting capabilities of the MBA students. Usually, Tier-II and Tier-III colleges paid the least attention to building an inclusive pedagogy.

The engagement of students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur involves brainstorming sessions and fieldwork. The institutes regularly provide a high dose of theoretical knowledge, which often restricts the solving case studies given in the textbooks. This value is significant for both the degree and pragmatic education. The lacks of practical experiences are avoiding preparing them for placement interviews.

Need for extensive specialization

The biggest drawback for the graduates of Top MBA Colleges in Jaipur in the job market is the adherence to the traditional system of specializing in any of the three streams. However, these streams include Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources or HR. this system is combining the needs for extensive specialization in fields.

Health care sector and the legal analytic sector are the most rising demands in the management education or industry. It requires an extensive focus on these specialist programs. This will meet the new demand in the job market by enabling the specialization in the interested field of the individuals of Best MBA College in Jaipur.

The attitude of MBA students must change

In order to bring about the above aspects, it is necessary to change the attitude of Best Colleges for MBA graduates. It is seen that most of the management learners become satisfactory and hostile to newer methods of teaching and curriculum. Since this degree costs a fortune for the families of graduates of Top 10 MBA College in Jaipur to pay their fund for themselves, there is a great hurry to complete the course at the earliest and grab a job. In this struggle, most of the MBA graduates do not pay any concern to classes, courses, and examinations.

With all these both the students and teachers forgot to experiment with an innovative curriculum, newer methodological means of enhancing practical expertise. Each of them will magnify their competitiveness in the job market. Students must change their approach to this course. It includes future entrepreneurs, bankers, and analysts. However, everything has not lost yet. Individuals must not forget that in spite of the recession, an important part of MBA graduates got employed. This should boost the morale of business and management graduates in India.

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