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Innovative project ideas for students of MTech in Robotics

Innovative project ideas for Robotics

The increasing use of technology has created a huge impact on the daily life of humans. Due to this, the technology is fascinating to the greatest of its extent. Robots are mechanical machines to perform the tasks which humans may or may not be able to do. So, robots make the life of humans easier.

As the applications of robotics are endless and for its multidisciplinary nature; students of MTech in Robotics should develop a good knowledge of them. Most of them study about embedded systems, micro controllers and wireless communication but never really know how to integrate all these to develop a robot.

So, being a core engineer, students of Top MTech Colleges in Jaipur should get good working knowledge of robotics and easily learn by building projects. Learning while building them is the right way to understand the concepts while progressing in your career, the skills that you gained will come handy.

The demand for such engineers who has robotics skills is increasing among the top industries with ab fast pace. All the industries will be adapting them onto their operations soon. To help candidates in acquiring skills on robotics, there are some robotics project topics for engineering graduates which they can take up and improve their skills & job prospects.

Nowadays, several engineering students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur are showing a lot of interest in robotic projects. They create a lot of interest in comparison to other electronics projects. In education level, these projects on robotics are very popular and has created a line following robot, pick and place robot, firefighting, wall track, humanoid, and Hexapod, etc. These Robotics Project Ideas for engineering students is helpful while doing the practice. Thus, they can select any from these robotics kits as these are capable of operating for them.

Below are some project works that they can work on during your Engineering studies:

Autonomous Robot using Arduino

These robots can act on their own, and independent of any controller. The basic idea for the students of best MTech colleges is to program the robot to respond to the external stimuli. A programmed Arduino board targets the robot to move along a defined path. This will act as the robot’s brain and work on the data coming from the IR sensors. Arduino is an embedded system which acts as a brain for various projects, from everyday object to complex scientific instruments can be used to understand the Arduino Architecture and its programming.

Sensor Guided Robotics Project

Sensors play a major role in the robotics projects. By doing this project, students of Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan can understand about the integration, calibration and testing of sensors. They can use IR sensors to detect the obstacles and program the robot to follow or avoid it. IR sensors can sense the Infra-red rays that will be emitted from obstacles and use that to send direct signals to the micro-controller.

WiFi controlled Robotics Project

The Technology of WiFi has become an important part of our lives today. Various devices that are connected to the Internet keeps on increasing because of the advancements in this technology. This project will help students of mtech colleges to understand the integration of the Internet and embedded technology. By doing this project, they will create a robot that can be operated remotely via WiFi as the mode of communication. A WiFi module establishes a connection between both the robot and the user.

Voice controlled Robotics Project

Speech recognition or Voice recognition is the technology that enables a machine can identify the words from a spoken language. However, this technology mostly seen in mobile application like Smart Assistants, Maps etc. This project uses the voice recognition technology to provide instructions to a robot and control the movement. Bluetooth establishes a connection between both the robot and user.

Mobile Robotics

These robots use the DTMF or Dual Tone Multiple Frequency to control the robot movements. DTMF is simply the tone that students of best engineering colleges can hear when they dial the numbers in their mobile phone. Each number in the dialler will be assigned with a unique frequency and helps individuals to control the robot’s movement. By building this project, they will learn the concepts behind the DTMF technology, working of microcontrollers and their programming.

Maze Solver Robot

Students of private engineering colleges in Jaipur involves designing and building of a robot that can find its way out from a maze in this project. IR sensors will detect the maze lines and send data directly to the microcontroller. The robot will move through the maze area using the infrared optical sensors. It programmed the robot and help them detects a junction; the bot intelligently decides the path using a special algorithm.

Hexapod using Arduino

A Hexapod robot is a mechanical robot that can be walked on six legs. Also, Hexapod robots are very stable in comparison with two or more legs robots even in slightly rocky and uneven terrain with flexible movements. Due to this capability of walking on various terrains, Hexapods find various applications. By doing this project, students of top MTech colleges Rajasthan can learn about the Arduino & its programming, working of servo motors etc.


Thus, there is a list of Robotics Project Ideas for diploma and engineering students in different fields like Arduino, Mini, Arm project ideas, ideas for the future, etc. These are the interesting latest Robotics Project Ideas intended for final year students of engineering colleges Jaipur. In the academic level of robotics projects using a microcontroller or robotic kits are very popular. Thus, these robot projects will be quite helpful for individuals

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