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Improve your social life at Arya 1st Old Campus

A balance between personal and professional life

As a full-time college student, maintaining a healthy social life at Arya 1st old Campus might often seem challenging. It considers the assignments, classes and all the college work. Although it might appear overwhelming. The matter of having a thriving social life during your university days can be easily deal. It counts under mentioned steps:

Get involved

The life at Best engineering colleges has numerous things to offer if you are willing to socialize and make new friends. Take benefits of the extra-curricular clubs in the university. You will have a wonderful chance to indulge in something you love. Joining these clubs in the first semester serves as a great benefit in the initial days of University life.

Become friends with your roommate

Your roommate will be someone who you can become friends with as soon as you move to a hostel of Arya Engineering College. Although when you start living with this person, he or she will be a stranger. It’s a great idea to befriend your roommate so that you can have one person around you who will support you as you support him or her.

Take a break from technology

If you continue to stare at your mobile or computer screen 24×7, chances are that you will miss out on a lot of precious moments during your college days at top engineering colleges in Jaipur. For example, suppose you are scrolling through Instagram and a spelling bee contest is going on in the surroundings; you will eventually miss out on the contest. It might have been an excellent moment to bond with your classmates. These contests, games, and activities involve team-building spirit and actual conversations with people.

Exercise is the key

Maintaining a fitness routine when in Engineering colleges in Jaipur is surely a healthy practice. You must also know that going to a Zumba or Yoga class is yet another medium to connect with your peers. There is a possibility that your friends might not be available for becoming your Zumba class partner. Therefore, you must just take the leap and interact with the participants there and network.


The pressure of working on your tasks and studying coursework to deliver your work has an overwhelming experience in private engineering colleges in Rajasthan. However, you must always remember that college is the time when you meet and greet people. Also, you find everlasting friendships. Immerse in social life, also maintaining an academic life where the perfect balance will surely result in a stress-free life.

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