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Importance of summer training for B Tech students

Opportunities through experiences for B tech candidates

The career in engineering is the most prospective and challenging for the aspirants, after the completion of their graduation. Ambitious students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in this sector have to lay great emphasis on acquiring the degree. With the advent of time, the rises in competitions are making the industrial complex. B Tech students are required to focus on the summer training too apart from the regular tests and academic projects. It provides in-depth knowledge of the function necessary for the degree.

The need for summer training

No matter whether big or small, all companies prefer candidates having a technically sharp, creative and analytical bend of mind. They are in search of people who do not require training or can immediately start working or in other words, they prefer candidates with some sort of experience in the respective industry during their B tech in Jaipur. This is the reason, why fresher’s or the new candidates have to struggle while searching for a job. In this context, an individual must have experience or industrial exposures. As a result, it will be beneficial for the employer and employee as well.

1. The practical exposures at Top Private Engineering Colleges through summer training are effective that helps to gain in-depth technical knowledge of the respective field.

2. Industrial exposure helps to enhance the technical skills of an individual and further differentiates him from the crowd, making him unique during the time of the interview.

3. It allows an individual to choose an area of specialization by understanding their own area of interest.

4. Learning and working through practical orientation allows the student to know more about the industrial environment.

5. An individual will get the certificate which is globally accepted at different platforms.


1. There are different industries that follow project demonstrations and workshops to help you learn and gain more through internships in B tech Engineering.

2. It will offer various opportunities to the students in the form of interaction with corporate trainers, software developer trainers, and software engineer trainers. So with this, they can resolve all their queries. Consequently, big companies in their training program provide certifications which will be highlighted in your resume and reflects the practical and industrial knowledge too.

3. For the recruitment of interested engineering candidates at Arya Engineering College, the companies visit industrial training organizations. However, every company does not provide training or internships. So, they directly recruit a candidate as their employee.

4. Students of Private Engg Colleges working on the projects during their training program indirectly provide an opportunity to the recruiter to judge their capabilities.


In most of the cases, marks of a candidate are the most important eligibility criteria but the aptitude and technical skills learned during training programs also play a very crucial role in acquiring the dream job. Therefore, it is important to understand the necessity of training or summer programs or internships in the life of a candidate for their successful career.

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