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Importance of mobile apps for MBA students

Best mobile apps for MBA students

Pursuing an MBA is not an easy road to tread. It is hard to find a balance in the midst of a heavy workload, classes, internships, and never-ending assignments. In the wake of this, digital advancement has come to the rescue of MBA candidates. Today, many mobile apps are available that can help them cope with their intense study schedule. Undermentioned is the list of some of the most popular mobile apps for college students pursuing an MBA.

Organizational apps for MBA students

Students of Best MBA College in Jaipur dip their toes in a string of activities while pursuing an MBA. Hence, it is essential for them to be organized and give equal emphasis to all activities. Here are some organizational apps that can help you keep track of all your activities on a single platform.

  1. Google Calendar - Since the MBA life at Top MBA Colleges is full of classes, assignments, group studies, conferences, and meetings. It is next to impossible to keep up with everything manually. Google Calendar allows candidates to stay on top of their schedule, especially when they have a lot on their plate. You can sync it with other apps, share your calendar with others and keep track of all your activities.
  2. Evernote- This app is useful for organizing the activities as well as taking notes. Students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur can use Evernote for clipping, organizing, taking notes, bookmarking, keeping voice reminders and a lot more. It is one of the most useful apps for students as it lets you store large documents and a huge amount of information.
  3. To-do lists are a part and parcel of an MBA college’s student’s life and is just the app for that. It is a simple task management app that allows you to track your tasks, assignments, and appointments. You can sync it with your Google calendar and set reminders as well. However, it is one of the best apps for college students shuffling between social and academic responsibilities.

Progress through collaboration

The part of the MBA curriculum enables students of Top 10 MBA Colleges in Jaipur to work on team projects and assignments. There are some efficient apps available online that can help you collaborate with others, such as:

  1. Google Docs - Sharing information in real-time can be helpful to MBA students of Arya 1st Old Campus, especially if they are working on a task with other students. Google Docs lets you share documents such as spreadsheets, slides, and Word files, and these can be created, edited and saved online and gives real-time access to all users.
  2. Dropbox - One of the best apps for students, Dropbox allows students to share files of any size easily, from notes to presentations. Dropbox saves your documents in the cloud, which means they will be easier to access and you will never lose them.

Networking platforms

Networking is an essential part of an MBA student’s life since it helps their professional development. Here are some popular networking apps that can be useful for you:

  1. LinkedIn - One of the leading networking apps, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to make professional connections. However, you can strengthen and extend your contacts in the business world through this app.
  2. CampusGroups - This is a campus engagement platform aimed at facilitating the management of student organizations, communications, and events.

How are mobile apps helpful to students?

As the world advances digitally, students of Best Colleges for MBA are depending on mobile apps to organize their tasks. The convenience of having all your documents and schedules in your palm is a sizeable advantage. However, mobile apps give you the benefit of being just a click away from all your important meetings, assignments and classes.

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