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How to Prepare Yourself for the Placement Interview

Being an engineering student, Placement is the most important thing. The concerns about the placement being hovering students ever since they stepped in the 4th year. But what is that, which keep horrifying the students for Placement? The answer to this question is the Interview. This is so because the interview is the most decisive part of the whole Placement process. So, here we are to guide you for the much-awaited Placement Interview.

Construct a Solid Resume

Somehow, your resume is your current reflection. Try to make your resume effective by highlighting all your achievements in academic as well as other activities. Don’t write your autobiography in your resume; make it short either one page or two pages. You have to explain the points you mentioned in your resume. So, be truthful about what you write as the two minutes of your defining will reflect your communication skills.

Study about the Organization or Interviewer

Studying about your interviewer or company will make it a bit relieving to survive during the interview. Once you will figure out about your interviewer you can presume some of the frequent questions they can ask. So, it is very important to do a proper research work about the interviewer or organization before going to the interview.

Avoid Small Mistakes

Try to avoid all the small mistakes you commit after entering the interview hall. So, it is better to prepare a list of those mistakes and start working on them. Eye contact, wearing confidence and holding your values will add plus point to your interview. On the other hand, avoid chewing your pencil, shaking your legs, being so casual and nervous. These factors can affect your image so beware of these small mistakes.

Proper Posture and Dressing

A good posture and formal dress code are thumbs up for the interview as your posture says a lot about you. Greet your interviewer with a strong handshake as it will reflect your enthusiasm towards the job. Never forget to put a smile on your face during the interview. Dressing sense will contemplate your presentation. The wiser you present yourself in front of the interviewer the more your impact you will create.

Show your Passion and Commitment

Try to show your interest in the job during the interview. Make sure that the interviewer will notice that the job is your priority and you want to work with them for a long term. Show your long-term plans instead of going for the short-term plans for the company. There should be a mutual commitment towards the job or the organization. As the company needs you as much as you need the company. There is nothing like ‘me’ and ‘I’ in the organization, it is always about what ‘we’ do for a company.

Choose your Domain and don’t be Obdurate

Having a command over a particular domain will provide credibility to your learning. Clear all your basic concepts but don’t forget to show your hunger for learning. Picture yourself in a frame where you acknowledge your learning and your desire to implement your learning in the growth of the company. Avoid being overconfident and conflictive. You are there to get a job and not to be stubborn. Don’t lead a conversation into a conflict. a sensible humor is good to pull but still avoid it as much as you can.

First Sight and Last Move

Your first sight is your first impression and your last move is your evaluation. Maybe your interview will continue for an hour or so but it is your first sight where the company has decided either you is in or not. Greet your interviewer with a smile and warm gesture. Secondly, it is your last move after which immediately you will be evaluated. The first three minutes of the interview are the most influencing minutes of the interview. Frame your sentences properly and maintain your body posture. Build a good and healthy communication with the interviewer. Your confidence, ability to make eye contact, ability to discuss your ideas and thoughts are also some important factors which lead you towards the placement. At last, remember to mention thanks to the interviewer specifying your reason.

Lower down your Stress

Almost every student faces the problem of stress during the interview. There are some students who can easily handle the stress whereas some students find themselves unable to lower their stress level. An optimal level of stress is needed to avoid us from being overconfident whereas a high level of stress can haunt you. Don’t be hyper, just relax, take a deep breath, release your nervousness and you are ready to go. Overcome your weaknesses Every person has some strength and some weaknesses. But have you ever wondered how it is so easy to tell about your strength while why it is so hard to figure out your weaknesses? It is not important to tell all your weaknesses to the interviewers. You have to tell them about some of those weaknesses which can somehow seem to be positive for the company or the job offered. You have to be very contingent while listing your weaknesses.

Question about the Company’s growth

Try to snatch a chance to question your interviewer. And if you are lucky enough to get a chance to question than be prepared about what you are going to ask. Ask the interviewer, about the growth of the company or organization instead of asking about your own growth in the company. Ask about the future plans of the company, about the team of the company, about the technologies they are using. This will show your interest and passion towards the job and the company. Home Page

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