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How to prepare resume for mechanical engineering graduates?

Resume for Mechanical Engineering

A resume must be convincing to please the employer. It is a highly competitive field and students of Mechanical Engineering Colleges need to become a well-trained and skilled engineer in order to get a good job. And for the job, they need a very compelling resume to offer.

If they are not satisfied, graduates might not even get a call letter. Therefore, it is very important that they create a very efficient and precise CV.

1. Check for the job description

Always check the job description and make suitable changes to your CV accordingly. If students of engineering colleges understand what an employer is seeking from an individual, it is very easy for them to highlight those exact points in their CV to stand out. Many times, after mechanical engineering, fresh graduates are not able to score steady jobs. This is most likely because of their resume being incompetent/ unsatisfactory.

2. Always Begin with a Convincing Objective

Hiring managers have numerous resumes lying on their desks to take a look at so remember that yours will be one amongst hundreds. To get the odds in your favor, it is imperative that your objective is very convincing and upfront. Your resume objective should be brief and polished. In just a few sentences, you describe who you are, what you have to offer, and what your ambitions are. Keep it short and sharp-somewhere between 5-10 lines. Pack it with in-demand skills and experience. Avoid using cliche terms such as ‘hardworking’, ‘team player’ etc.

3. List Down Certain Hard Skills

Mechanical Engineers of best engineering colleges in Rajasthan should be masters of certain hard skills. Most individuals list out their soft skills like leadership, good communication, compassion, etc in their resume. They are applicable to most jobs. The more important ones are the hard skills and employers are always on the lookout for them. Their resume might just get filtered out of their employer does not find the keyword he/she is looking for in resumes.

This process of using keywords makes it easier for the recruiter to finalize interviewees. No one has the time to go through each and every detail in a resume. Therefore, they use keywords to find what they want. The job search process is streamlined for the same.

4. Mechanical Engineering Qualifications:

Students of Best Engineering College in Jaipur should right their qualifications correctly in the following manner:

  • Proficiency in using 3-D CAD modeling software to design (Inventor preferred).
  • Familiarity with FEA.
  • Proficiency with AutoCAD 2-D design software.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products.
  • Verbal and written communication is essential.
  • Ability to create machine manuals and assembly procedures.
  • Proficiency in the motor, drive train and bearing analysis and application.
  • Make sure that you match the employer’s requirements with your qualifications. Employers like to be able to see at a glance what technical skills candidates have.

5. Never Underestimate Your Soft Skills

Although your soft skills will be of lesser importance as compared to your hard skills, do not underestimate them. Communication skills, leadership abilities, and attention to detail are highly sought-after employee traits especially for anyone applying for management-level positions. These characteristics are also valuable for mechanical engineers of private engineering colleges in Jaipur. You must ensure leaving space on your resume to emphasize at least one.

And, they can even include anything they are good at or know a lot about. Add things like a second language, training programs they have completed, or software you know how to use (SPSS, Adobe Photoshop), or any other specialist skills. Always keep in mind whether your given skill has any significance to the position you’re applying for.

6. Highlight Your Experience

This is the most important section of a mechanical engineer fresher resume. The employer is going to analyze it thoroughly. Your work experience will determine your capabilities, talent, leadership skills, and commitment. If the person reading your CV is impressed by this section, then you are definitely going to get a call. In this section, you will be mentioning all your previous job/internship titles, responsibilities, and primary tasks. The projects you have been a part of can also be listed here.

The more specific you are about what you did, the better it will be. They will be written in reverse chronological order. Latest to oldest with plenty of experience detail in recent roles and fewer details in old roles. The reason for this is that employers are always more interested in your recent work as it gives a better reflection of your current capabilities. Students of engineering colleges Jaipur must try to show your full skill set and demonstrate how your actions impact the employer. Most importantly, try to round your roles off with impressive achievements that have made big positive impacts for your employer. Also, try to quantify these achievements with facts and figures to truly show your value.

Back-up your accomplishments through numbers/pointers/bold to create the first impression. Adding quantifiable examples to your bullet points will help the hiring manager understand the range of your previous responsibilities and give them a better idea of what value you bring if hired. It is one of the best ways to demonstrate your capabilities in a compelling manner. The hiring manager will for sure notice them.


The structure and format of the CV will define its overall outlook and determine how it will be read. Your CV should look professional and should be easy for recruiters to navigate and find the information they need.

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