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How to prepare notes for the GATE Examination?

Tips to Prepare for GATE Examination

Writing short notes for GATE is an art. Every person has a different way of writing notes, best suited to his/her understanding. Many graduates of top engineering colleges choose the GATE examination. But some of them scare away due to numerous subjects syllabus that is mandatory to read for clearing the exam. They find it difficult to learn and revise all the subjects right before the exam. Note making is the easiest and most recommended learning strategies to cover the syllabus.

Students of the Best Engineering Colleges can make short notes for GATE examination both in the classroom as well as from the books. If they are taking coaching, then it is necessary for them to be prepared, be attentive in the class, and ask questions if you have a doubt. This will help them in making good classroom notes to supplement what they read from the books at home. Besides, you must ensure reading the coaching study material to supplement short notes for GATE examination and make them perfect and easy to revise.

You can prepare your notes from the books you read if you are studying at home. For this, choosing books and study material is essential. There are hundreds of books available in the market and reading all may make you perfect in one specific subject, but GATE preparation requires knowledge of all the subjects.

Points to consider during GATE preparation

No notes on first reading

When you are reading any book for the first time sit only with a pencil and go through the book. Read it like you are reading a novel by understanding and underlining all the important concepts and formulae you find. Do not write short notes for GATE in the first reading. Familiarize yourself with the book during the initial days to understand what is important and what is not.

No copying

During your GATE preparation, do not copy the notes directly from the book. This is because it loses the essence and you may end up just making a photocopy of the book you were reading. It is necessary for the students of Best BTech Colleges to understand the concept first and then try writing it in on your own words in fewer words used in the books. This will provide good and comprehensive short notes for GATE.

Colorful pens

There is no compulsion of using different types of pens at a time, but students of engineering colleges Rajasthan must use at least two shades. It would help you later in revising the topics. The brain is pictured in a way that it remembers better if things are segregated using some colors or special characteristics.


Writing is the key to make short notes for GATE. Therefore, making trees, cyclic, arrow, hierarchy diagrams, or mind maps always act as a bonus for the students of Private Engineering Colleges Rajasthan. These diagrams will help them understand the topics well and easier to remember during the exam. With the practice of making diagrams in notes, an individual can also incorporate them during the main examination. You can save your time and appeal to the examiner with this strategy.

Use loose sheets

Always remember that nothing is perfect. There is always a scope of addition and improvement. Therefore, candidates of Top BTech Colleges Jaipur must consider the possibility of reading the new concept or some example during the GATE preparation. It may leave the scope of additions changes. Loose sheets always come in handy, as while revising you do not have to pick up the entire notebook, but just the sheet of the specific topic that you are revising.

Digital notes

Nowadays, apps like Evernote, google notes have made it even easier to make notes. Students of BTech Colleges can prepare notes on these easily accessible and handy platforms. They can revise their notes whenever and wherever they want. Whenever they feel like revising their notes, there is everything on their phone. Digital notes are always good for GATE preparation as the exam is conducted online.

Choose what suits you best

Every topper or aspirant you meet at Best Engineering College Rajasthan may have their unique note-making style. Therefore, they must understand what suits them best, as, in the end; their notes are going to be a tool to succeed in the GATE examination.


While making short notes for GATE examination, individuals must ensure following a particular discipline instead of making notes everywhere and anywhere. Place your notes neatly and systematically in one particular file or notebook, arranged either subject wise, topic wise whatever suits you. Making notes crazily will create a problem for you. During revision, you first have to spend time looking for all the notes and then revise.

Read and reread

Just note-making does not end the task for you, it is extremely necessary that you read and reread your notes to know that you understand them. It also helps you to remember the facts and score.


Before beginning your GATE preparation, students of engineering colleges must ensure knowing the importance of study tips and incorporate them into your daily routine of GATE exam preparation. Usually, candidates feel that note making is a tedious job and you can do without it. But in the long run, it will be easier to revise 5 pages of your notes than revising a book of 500 pages.

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