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How to overcome the problem of ragging?

Ragging in Engineering Colleges – a common problem for freshmen

The commencement of new sessions at Top Engineering Colleges always holds a fresher in some situations. It includes following a particular dress code, singing songs for their seniors and so on. There are different forms of ragging including proposing to a senior, puzzle-solving, beating, locking them in rooms, striping juniors, etc. Therefore, the biggest threat that college freshmen are facing is ragging.

In ancient time, there was nothing like ragging. People strongly respect each other and give the highest importance. But the invasion of Britishers brought the culture of ragging or caning. Perhaps, it relates to English college only but slowly spread to the entire education system of India.

How the fear of ragging is hanging our lives?

In ragging, both the culprits as well as the victim are students and so you cannot blame others for the same. Most of the parents do not want to send their children to B Tech Colleges in Jaipur that are out of their home towns due to the fear of extreme ragging.

These days, Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur have an anti-ragging cell. In spite of this, students do not file their complaints because they fear getting ragged further and that too very harshly. India has witnessed reports of ragging related deaths of students. In other cases, they have to bear the physical and mental trauma even in the freshmen year

Anti-ragging measures at the personal level

According to the professionals and anti-ragging head in B Tech College in Jaipur, its impact is similar to that of rape and can even be more long-lasting. This can lower down your self-esteem, morale and increases the stress level. Apart from college authorities and teachers, it is the responsibility of parents to take a keen interest in their kids and their studies at the personal level too.

Parents should look for certain symptoms like signs of withdrawal or depression, a change in behavior, loss of interest in almost all activities and complaints of a nightmare. If these symptoms are tracked after taking admission in a new school or Engineering Colleges in Jaipur, then you must talk to them to find out the actual cause.

How to conquer the situation of ragging?

Freshmen in Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur must have enough time to get familiarize with the environment. Also, their first interaction with seniors should happen in the presence of teachers or professors. Also when any student files a complaint, make sure that anonymity is maintained. In such a case, culprits should be punished to set an example.

There are cases when students are willing to file a complaint. But they do not have enough evidence to support that he was ragged. So instead of asking from the victim, guilty have to prove their innocence.


In conclusion, ragging is a very harsh form of introduction and must change back to just introduction. Though anti-ragging acts and cells are in place seniors should understand that ragging is not a way of entertainment or introduction. Someone suffers through this and with that person it is the entire family that goes through the trauma of ragging.

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