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How to identify the Top Engineering Colleges

Tips to identify Top Engineering Colleges in India

Pursuing a higher education degree at Engineering Colleges in India is not an easy task. There are so many things to judge while you search for the right college to finally submitting the college fees. The biggest decision to make is which college to take admission in, what are the features that we should look for to judge the credibility of a college or the type of education that it offers. Pursuing a degree is a matter of life. College years are precious and you should not let it go waste. Some of the important features that a best engineering college possess includes:

1. Affiliation / Accreditation of the College

This is the first and foremost thing to check and this directly concerns the authenticity of the engineering college. Before starting any college, it is necessary to have approval from concerned authorities like AICTE or UGC. If a college does not have such approval, then most probably such a college is not genuine.

2. Internship and Job Opportunities

The biggest parameter to judge how good a top engineering college Rajasthan by the placement service provided by the college. This is because a company will hire only those who are competent enough to provide something valuable to the organization. If the students of a college hired readily, then it shows that they are competent for the profile that companies are looking for.

3. Student-Faculty Ratio

This is a significant feature that determines how well the academics are conveyed by the best private engineering college Rajasthan or how well students are trained. In a large classroom, it is difficult to look after every student as to how he or she is performing. The smaller the difference in student-faculty ratio, the better will be the performance of students analysed.

4. Laboratories and Instruments

There are several education fields where it is essential to have good laboratories and instruments to understand the topics theoretically in the classrooms of Top BTech Colleges. For instance, for all the engineering programs it is impossible to have a complete understanding of the subject matter without having any kind of practical exposure. While searching for a college, you must ensure to check out this factor.

5. Updated Curriculum

When you visit the best BTech colleges in Jaipur to analyse the option, do make sure to check the study curriculum. That is being taught there. You must also try to find if this is the latest curriculum or the one that is recommended by concerning authorities. In case a college is not approved, you must quite likely the program taught by it will not be up to the mark.

6. Research Activities

The quality of the education imparted at the list of engineering colleges is also exhibited by the number of patents that have been filed by the college. This directly correlates to the number of research activities that are being conducted at the college. Also, it suggests how good the laboratories of that college are. Do keep this factor in mind while searching for a good college.

7. Academic Support

This relates to the amount of effort a college is making to ensure its students are placed in a good company during campus placements. A good college tries in preparing students to face interviews and how they can present themselves in the best possible manner. At Best BTech College, every effort made to fine-tune the placement service.

8. Exchange Program

While searching for a good college to study in, do make sure that the college has international tie-ups. It provides international exposure to its students through a student exchange program or credit transfer program. Such an arrangement is significant as it provides inter-cultural exposure to students.

9. Extra-curricular activities

This factor shows the overall development of a person that depends heavily on it. Being good only in your academics is just not enough, as many companies lot of weightages to how well developed their prospective employee is. Find out how often BTech college organizes various types of competitions such as drawing, sketching, painting, etc.

10. Industrial Visits

A good way to make students job-ready is by making them aware of the working of various organizations. As a student, an individual should find out how many tie-ups a college has with various industries. Engineering colleges has tie-ups with numerous companies and it makes sure that they go for regular industrial visits.

11. Overall Infrastructure and Facilities

An individual should check the proximity the college has with various important locations like bus stand, banks, hospital, market, etc. Find out if the desired college has ATM facility, medical dispensary, or the quality of the food that is being prepared at the canteen. Graduates will be spending a good three to four years at the college so these things should also be taken into consideration.

12. Hostels

Students of top BTech colleges Jaipur check the rooms in the hostel, and find out how big they are. Or whether they are airy or not, and is there provision for regular sunlight. In case the college is far away from home and they will have to stay at the hostel then this factor is worth checking out for and has an important role to play.


These are not the only things that an individual need to check before enrolling for a higher education program at a college. But these factors are a must to watch out for, and in case any of these factors is not up to the mark. Then it is better to consider as the right option. The college has many other plus points, which provides students of engineering colleges in India not only the best of academic input but also keeps them entertained and refreshed.

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