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How to grab the best placement opportunity at BTech colleges in Rajasthan

Tips to grab the best placement opportunity at BTech Colleges in Rajasthan

After completing BTech Colleges in Rajasthan, there is only thing on students' mind that is best placement opportunity. Some tips help to get placement after college that will surely help you with many variants.

Improve your ‘Soft Skills’

Soft skills include your communication skills, body language and gestures. The method of interaction has created a huge impact on people. If students of top engineering colleges are good at communicating their thoughts with a proper body language, their chances of getting selected increases significantly. The most important skills for jobs are technical, yet soft skills play a vital role in the decision making process of recruiting team.

People are looking for employees who are good in communicating and are team players. If employees are unable to work as a member of team, and face difficulty in communicating their thoughts, their technical skills does not matter. The soft skills of an individual provide the assurance about their stability in the company and maturity level. They must ask their friends for the possible improvements in their soft skills.

Make Proper Resume

Resume is the first indirect interaction of students of Best Engineering Colleges Jaipur with the employer. Make sure it includes all the skill sets that they have and does' have any false claims. There is no room for grammatically errors. Do not hesitate to prepare a fresh resume. Make your resume as per the profile they are applying for and the company's demands. Do your homework and Google relevant information about the company that they are applying for. If the company is hi-tech, an individual can make a video resume.

Today, small firms are also demanding video resumes as it provides a more interactive experience and they get to know you before they actually interview you. Also, you can make it entertaining depending on the type of company that you are applying to. The C-A-R or the S-T-A-R method can be the best proven method for writing a resume. S-T-A-R stands for Situation-Task-Action-Result. Give a brief portrayal of situations that they were in at their internship workplace and how did they manage to complete the task in such adverse situation.

Register yourself at Job Search Sites

Students of Top BTech Colleges Rajasthan should be registered for placement opportunity at important job search sites like LinkUp, Indeed, College Recruiter, Career Builder, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Dice, etc. Upload their latest resume on it and make sure to mention the correct profile they are looking for. Also, give a proper e-mail ID and phone number. They will start getting calls from recruiters and consultancy firms. Apart from this, they need to prepare a list of potential companies and upload their resume. Do not forget to write a small cover letter.

Manage your Social Media profiles

Recruiters tend to involve into your social media profiles to get an idea about you like what kind of person you are, what content you are sharing and most importantly, how much time you are devoting on a particular social networking service. Change your privacy settings from public to custom sand allow people only who you want get access to a particular post. Your social media profile will look professional to the companies that snoop around.

Make Important Contacts

Make use for your current contacts to add more useful influential contacts. Students of Private Engineering Colleges Rajasthan must go for casual interviews or meet with an expert to know more about their sector and what is required to excel in that particular area. This will keep them motivated in will set a direction to work on. This way they will end up finding a good mentor, and probably a new career path. An individual must message people on LinkedIn and other platforms to arrange interviews for you and refer your resume.

Speak to people working in your Industry

The job tasks that are required to be done during the entry level jobs are far different from the job description. Before joining, an individual must ensure having done their research regarding their job responsibilities. Use various research methods, talk to an employee currently working there. Take care that he should not be your senior because job responsibilities of various different level of seniority are different.

Get References if possible

The reference should be from internship employers, your teachers, tutors, etc and not from personal sources like family or friends. Maintain good relations with people in your profession and colleagues. A simple ‘how are you?’ every now and then is enough. These people can provide positive feedback about you to your potential employer that based on your performance that you are good in completing your tasks and making correct decisions.

Apply to relevant companies

Students of BTech Colleges in Rajasthan should not apply to every other company they come across. Also, they must maintain a list of probable companies and apply to those selected companies only for placement opportunity. Do not randomly change their job profile. Instead, have a set vision on what they want to achieve in career and how to make progress.

Think like an Entrepreneur

Always tend to think out of the box. Learn how things function and how companies work. Try to understand what your colleagues are doing in their business. This will help you learn how the company is functioning and provides you an idea how you should modify your style of working. An individual should promote their newly found business communication and understanding via a blog on a topic you find interesting. Share it on your social media and request people to read it.

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