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How to deal with your BTech exams fear?

Tips to Deal with Exams Fear

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has experienced exams fear. Students are prone to exams fear because of the peer pressure and expectations of the parents and increasing competition. It results in lots of stress and anxiety in their minds. Also, the students who are suffering from different stages of life suffer from exam fear and students who are about to face the board examinations are expected to suffer from it. On the other hand, students pursuing lower-division school or professional Engineering Courses have not faced all these.

It is quite common to see students tensed while approaching their examinations. Usually, they are worried about their level of preparation. On the contrary, a little bit of tension and stress drives students forward. It mainly forces them to open their books and get prepared for the BTech examinations. But at the same time, too much stress is harmful.

Tips to get rid of exam fear

In order to beat the exam fear on your own, you must take care of two important things to do before your exams and things to do after your exams.

Things to do before the exams

Preparation holds the key

The most significant thing is to get prepared well. Therefore, start your engineering exam preparation as soon as possible. Most of the students wait for the time to fly by them. They just wait and wait until a couple of months are left before the start of the exams. By that time, the syllabus would pile upon you. This process makes the exams, the most stressful one and results in exams fear. To overcome this disaster, it is important to begin your fear from the very early stage of your graduation year. Early learning will help you to negotiate different portions easily.

Study smartly and consistently

It is significant to work hard and work smart. During your exam preparations, you must use techniques and methods that are proven to be productive. Some of their methods include making and following a time table, highlighting important parts of the syllabus, creating notes, understanding the syllabus, etc. The first and foremost step is to create good time table.

A student can seek the guidance of their students while making an exam time table. For this task, you can also consult your family members. Ultimately, the time table should be useful and realistic. Once the time table part has been taken care of, it is time to follow it. You must be consistent with your efforts and remain disciplined. Also, you can indulge in group study sessions. Study in a room that is free of distractions and ensure cleanliness, neatly arrangement and ventilation.

Revise more and more

Make a habit of doing regular revisions. It will help you master the topics and improves confidence. The more you grow your confidence, the less are chances to face exams fear. Take notes and highlight significant parts of the syllabus during your studies. You must write important formulas and later revise highlighted formulas and notes.


Meditation is a great method to reduce or remove stress. Doing it on a daily basis can help you a lot. It will bring composure and calmness to your mind. If students of top engineering colleges do not like to meditate, they can do other stress-reducing activities. It is a good option to pursue your hobby. You must devote some time daily towards such activities.

Do not compare yourself with others

Students tend to call their friends and chat about their preparations. To a large extent, this can be harmless and leads to stress and anxiety. Most of the Best Engineering Colleges students tend to get stressed out when they see the progress and preparation level of their friends. In order to avoid this, you must focus on your preparation.

Stay positive

Throughout the exam preparation phase, it is significant to stay positive. Believe yourself that you can do well in the BTech exams. Positive thoughts are mainly known to keep negativity and stress. Do not allow other people to demotivates you about the exams.

Things to do during the exam

Most of the students of engineering colleges get nervous and stressed out on the day of the exam and also while writing their exams. There are certain tips that will help you to get the better of this stress and fear; some of them are as follows:

Start early

Wake up early and start your day. It will help you to avoid the rush during your exams of best private engineering college. If you start your day early, you will have enough time to eat, get ready and leave for the exam hall in a relaxed manner. Do not avoid skipping your breakfast. Students must reach the exam hall sufficiently early and find their seats. Early arrival helps you to avoid the last-minute rush for the exam hall.

Avoid last-minute preparation

The last-minute preparation is never useful or productive. A student must be well-prepared before their exams. Those students will not find a need to get prepared at the last minute.

Tackle question paper wisely

Immediately after getting the question paper of top engineering college, you must take a few deep breaths. A student must be well focused to analyze the question paper and find out the section that they think they have expertise in. you must start with that part of the question paper only.

Avoid wasting time on questions that you are not comfortable with. Do not forget to note the question number, leave appropriate space and move on with the next easy question. You can attend the leftover questions in the end when you have filled all your knowledge into the question paper.

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