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How to choose the Best Engineering College in India 2020-21 session?

Tips to Choose Best Engineering College in India for Session 2020-21

In engineering colleges, the admission process is quite complicated from the entrance examinations to the fee submission and counselings programs. In the modern world, high-class education requires too much cost, which might not be affordable for most people. Considering this fact, it is important for engineering aspirants to choose the right or best engineering college in India for a better job.

Before taking admission-related decisions, ensure the quality education with job opportunities in the college of your preference. While searching for the Best Engineering College in India 2020-21 sessions, you must consider some major points.

Choose a Specialization

Choosing the right branch will take you towards your career goals. Have you thought about your branch? It is not a wise idea to proceed for the Best Engineering College choice without choosing your stream. Most of the people make it an easy task and later after a semester or a year, feel regret about it. Firstly, decide between (B.E.) Bachelor of Engineering and (B.Tech) Bachelor of Technology. Then later, consider your specialization between several branches like Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, and more.

A choice, of course, is completely based on the abilities and the interest of an individual towards that subject. If have decided your branch but confused between two colleges. In such a case, a well-established college can be the best choice. Here, Recognition plays an important role because it defines the quality of faculty along with their experiences.

Choose your Preferences

Every individual has a different perception in terms of education or the college they are going for studies. The comfort level and the requirements of resources are different for each person. Therefore, analyze your needs and comfort, skills and abilities along with the eligibility and most important, affordability.

Prepare a list of things to help you in selecting the Top Engineering College of your choice. You can include reputation, accreditation, cost of tools and equipment, size of a class, faculties, placement opportunities, campus facilities like libraries, laboratories, computer accessibilities, etc.

Facilities and Amenities

Every engineering college claims to offer the best services for their students. In such a case, it is better to go with the big or reputable ones, if you can afford it. This is because the top engineering college functions on the basis of proper documentation and paper never lie. Also, they have more experiences in different aspects. Do a little research about the amenities and facilities, especially loans and scholarships, medical facilities, libraries, computer labs, and accommodation. A proper research leads to better decisions.

Well-established Infrastructure

Today’s modern generation has everything “smart”. Therefore, education needs to be the smartest. The ambience and the environment of college premises create a great impact on the education of the students directly or indirectly. The Best Engineering College in India must have a smart classroom, attractive and eye-pleasing infrastructure, comfortable seating arrangements at libraries, etc. It matters the most because an engineering student spent 4 years of his/her graduation days in college itself.


No matter how big your classroom is, what is your course catalog; but the most significant factor in learning and teaching patterns. This can be best defined with the best faculties in the college. They should be well-trained and have hands-on experiences in that particular subject. Therefore, your first and foremost task is to check the qualification of teachers on their websites or any other platform. An engineering faculty must stand with a Ph.D. with the best of their knowledge and experience.


A well-accredited college provides lots of guaranteed benefits like financial aid opportunities or scholarships, job options or campus placements, quality education, etc. Every technical institution must be properly assessed and evaluated by the large educational bodies or organizations like (NAAC) National Assessment and Accreditation council and (NBA) National Board of Accreditation.

Campus Placement

The choice of college you made must provide job options and opportunities to their students. However, Every student wishes to work with the big brand or company after getting selected in the campus placement. Therefore, the list of engineering colleges must take special measures to satisfy students with their placement facilities and opportunities. A background check is important while selecting your college.

Choice of Location

Avoid making rules in selecting a college with a lack of location preferences. You cannot always get a type of college nearby or within a city or state. Sometimes, all other parameters suited best and you bound to think of the location. If you are getting a good college in every manner, stop thinking about location. It can be compromised. Do not waste your time deciding between the location of the college or the reputed college.

Ranking of a candidate

Ranking of a candidate plays an important role in deciding the other factors too. The top engineering colleges in India prioritize students on the basis of their ranking. Ranking creates a great impact positively and negatively on your priorities. Unless you have a great rank, limiting your priorities is of no use.

Other Parameters

Now, you have done with all the research and decided your college on the basis of basic and important parameters. But there is no denying from the fact that there is nothing wrong with considering a brand. Also, your stream must be properly aligned with your goals. For instance, you can decide your stream on the basis of your family background. It would be easier for you in the long run. Do not worry, if it does not interest you.


In particular, Indian parents are most worried when it comes to their child’s career. They put all their efforts to put their children at the top engineering college. This process might harm the future of their children knowingly or unknowingly.

Mistakes made by students

  1. Choosing an engineering stream keeping in mind the trend, fashion and thought process of their neighbours, friends and relatives.
  2. Before making a choice, they are not aware of the industry demand and the current market trends.
  3. Selecting a course without any basic skills or knowledge.
  4. Joining a college based only on the brand name.

Therefore, choosing a Best Engineering College in India is an important decision. Consider all the possible factors, research and discuss more and more and take your decision.

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