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How to ace an interview during your MBA Admissions?

Interview during MBA Admissions

It is very natural to feel nervous leading up to the admissions interview, you may experience additional anxiety in interviewing via video conference. There are some similarities between MBA admissions in-person interviews and those over video at Zoom or any other medium, the technology adds additional complexity and requires some preparation for newbies.

With the stretch on the pandemic, top MBA Colleges will conduct only virtual MBA interviews and potentially for the complete admissions cycle. They may already be an expert at Zoom meetings for work. For this, an individual will prepare them handle the stress that a virtual MBA interview will inevitably create.

Video interviewing is efficient but takes some time to come across naturally. Large number of people get distracted by their appearance. Others find themselves talking in a tone that is altogether different from a face-to-face conversation. Make sure to conduct various practice chats and seek feedback on their performance until they are satisfied that they are conversing with ease.

Before your virtual MBA interviews

Practice and Prepare concise responses or feedbacks for all of the typical MBA-related questions like Why Program X, Why an MBA overall, Why now, What are your career goals, Summarize your career to date, education experience, and so on. Besides, add some “fun” questions and responses into the mix. It includes Review the last book you read/movie you saw/TV show you watched, What’s your favorite song and why, Where’s the best place you’ve gone on vacation, etc. Record yourself answering these questions. Have a trusted friend review their responses and tell them how they are coming off. Tweak your style accordingly.

During the interview

Dress to Impress

If you live-in athleisure wear for the last seven months, then it is time to dust off your professional threads. There are cases where you might be sitting near your bed, but you should not look like you just rolled out of it.

Most applicants have a clear control of the meaning of professional dress. Yet several admissions at MBA Colleges states that the standard seems to slide in virtual interviews, particularly when it comes to the apparel below the desk. If they need to stand up for any reason during the interview and have nothing but boxers on, rest assured that is an impression the interviewer will not soon forget. People feel that most trustworthy, authoritative, and competent when wearing formal business attire.

Set the Stage

First, students of Top MBA Colleges will want to do the interview in a quiet room with little echo. Make sure their surroundings look tidy and professional. If they live with others, individuals let them know their MBA interview time in advance. Having an entire household on one network could potentially cause a lag. Next, think about how they will illuminate the space. Use natural light if possible, avoid overhead lighting, and shine a light directly at your face. Also, it is important to position the camera at eye level. If necessary, stack books under their laptop so their interviewer is not looking up their nose.

Mind Your Body Language

In MBA virtual interviews, body language plays a significant role. Students of Private MBA Colleges in Jaipur make a conscious effort to look straight at the camera lens instead of the computer screen. That is the only way to appear like they are maintaining eye contact. If the app enables them to move a small preview video of their interviewer around their screen, put it right next to their camera. Next, try to sit a bit farther back from the screen so that more of their hand gestures and body position are visible. This looks more natural and must have a face-to-face meeting in real life.

Avoid This

Students of top MBA colleges Rajasthan must lose their cool with tech glitches. Dropped audio or a frozen feed are almost extended for the course. But admissions staff say how you react to the situation is actually counted. Maintaining poise and keeping your frustration in check will leave a positive impression or impact on your interviewer. On the other hand, swearing at your speakers will not.

SBC Video Prep Service

Many applicants of Top MBA Colleges in Jaipur require some rehearsal to become comfortable conversing with a computer screen. An online video platform grants you unlimited practice doing precisely this. They can answer from a comprehensive menu of questions, record yourself, watch and assess, tweak, and try again. Invest 30 minutes a night and reap the perks of increased comfort level and more articulate answers when an individual have your live interview. Besides, Students of engineering colleges Jaipur can even choose an interview to submit to the team for review and professional written feedback.


Set yourself up for success with this small investment and rock your virtual MBA interviews. Try not to take too much stress. This is a huge paradigm shift, and your interviewer likely has some nerves about it. The support for in-person interview enable individuals hands shaking so bad from anxiety that they could not hold their pen steady enough to take notes. In a way, virtual interviews should relieve some of this anxiety. That they will be in the comfort of their home and more well-rested.

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