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How quick you can learn HTML and CSS?

Tips to Learn HTML and CSS

HTML is a great language to learn early in your coding career. It is tremendously useful for front end development. If students of Top Computer Science Engineering College want to incorporate more features into a web page, they will need to master CSS. Both of them work together to create vibrant and functional web pages. However, people may worry that learning CSS takes too long. However, if they can learn HTML, they can learn CSS too.

If students of engineering colleges are new to programming and looking for somewhere to start, look no further. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are great places to kick off their programming career.

Time taken to learn HTML and CSS

Before learning CSS, an individual must spend a few weeks practicing HTML. It will not take long to master, and they will arrive with a solid footing in the programming world. HTML can help them get a feel for basic syntax, which will come in handy during when learning CSS.

Once they understand HTML and can build their own static websites, they are ready to start learning CSS. Learning the functional basics of CSS can take less than a month. However, CSS takes longer to master, and everyone must practice it two to four hours per day.

The Basics of CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is not specifically a programming language, but a styling language to work alongside HTML. Before you had CSS, you could style your web page directly through the HTML code. It results in a long line of code and would often result in massive headaches for the programmer, primarily if errors occur. Besides, it takes all of the stylings of HTML and places it separately from HTML, resulting in cleaner code. Once students of BTech Colleges Rajasthan get a full understanding of HTML, CSS is not hard to jump into as well.

Many experienced programmers of Best Engineering Colleges Rajasthan recommend new coders get a grasp of HTML first, then move forward to CSS to start adding the styling and presentation to their web page. This includes working with styling DIVs, box models, and sections, just to name a few attributes.

Is it hard to learn CSS?

With CSS, most of the coding and syntax are pulled from HTML code. A lot of the syntax students of BTech colleges India see in CSS will be very familiar when they learn the basic concepts of it. However, when they dive deeper into the pool of information and get more advanced with the concepts, they will see where CSS and HTML differ.

For instance, an individual can change several attributes like height and width for a specific image in your HTML file. However, what if they want to apply that to all the pictures on their page? That is where CSS comes into play.

CSS interacts with HTML elements in the same manner as the attributes within the element tags on an HTML file. However, engineering graduates can touch on multiple elements at once through blocks of code in CSS called rules. If they are comfortable styling all of their fonts, colours, and images in HTML, they will have no issues working with CSS. They will even find it easier once they get the hang of it.

So how do I start learning CSS?

The best method to gain a full understanding of the two languages is getting the hang of HTML first, then moving to learn CSS. There are several publications out there to provide an excellent tutorial on CSS concepts. W3Schools and Mozilla Developer Network are useful as students of best BTech colleges Rajasthan learn the concepts of the programming languages. These resources provide standard tutorials online along with exercises of each of the concepts, breaking them down in a manner that is understandable towards programmers of all levels. Once you get that understanding, it is the right time to put your mind to work to see how much you have learned. Engineering college in Jaipur offers great applications that help you download and use to continue your studies and to learn through your mobile devices.


Coding with CSS takes less time. An individual just has to put their mind into it. CSS will be easy for new coders to learn if they have at least a basic proficiency in HTML. If students of Engineering colleges Jaipur can build their web pages with little to no assistance on the style and presentation of fonts, colours, and images, they can learn CSS in no time. If anything, always consider CSS as just a mere extension of HTML. A lot of the coding that an individual will use affects the HTML elements within their HTML file. However, CSS provides a more structured and organized form of styling your elements when compared to the extremely long tags with attributes in every element of your web page.

It is possible to code an entire HTML page without CSS, just using as many attributes as possible for your elements. But it can be challenging to find your errors if you run into a single one, leading to a headache of scanning every line of code just to find that small error in your syntax. CSS cannot just help you in building a single web page, but several pages of a website. All this has become possible due to the expert programmers of top btech colleges for introducing all programmers to CSS when you master it.

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