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How placements at Arya College help students in admissions?

College Placements help Students in Admissions

In an engineering admission, each and every aspect matters a lot. This is because engineering requires overall development and it can be possible at best engineering colleges in India. A college must have a good infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, a good campus environment, quality academic, good placements records, well-maintained libraries, and other important facilities that can keep a person motivated throughout their studies. According to a survey, India had 993 universities and 39,931 colleges in the last year. The total enrolment of students in engineering colleges in India was around 37.4 million. That’s a lot of graduates.

With each passing year, the Indian education space is getting more advanced. Jobs are opening up at a similar speed but there is a gap between the number of graduates and employment rates because many graduates of top engineering colleges are simply not industry-ready.

Progressive universities and colleges understand that this challenge cannot be fixed overnight. That is why they are looking to provide placement solutions with year-round support that extends to all students, even those still pursuing their degrees. This is helping students prepare for the professional world by staying informed about industry changes through internships and mentorship.

Each and every student of top engineering college must consider campus placements and support when choosing their college

Role of a placement cell in colleges

Graduation is an important part of a big picture. In order to successfully find a career path and work towards it, the nurturing has to begin during the college years. Nurturing is not about inviting companies to campus during final semesters. Instead, it is about preparing students of top engineering colleges for the real world. This helps them get an edge over the massive competition they face today.

Students can prioritize their choices towards Arya College so that their education and career goals are aligned perfectly. Under given are several factors that can help students to become industry-ready, they include:

  • Training and guidance to make them aware of the expectations of employers
  • Learning how to successfully tackle interviews
  • Interacting with HRs and industry leaders and gaining insights directly from professionals and experts
  • Creating the “perfect” resume
  • Getting guidance from college seniors and alumni students
  • Getting real-time work experience even before getting a job

How Arya look beyond placements towards opportunities?

At Arya College of Engineering and IT, students can see placements differently. The college seeks customized project opportunities for their students during their undergraduate degree. This ensures that they gain work experience during their studies and get mentorship and guidance from industry experts. This often leads to finding desired jobs in preferred or the most popular companies when they complete their graduation. Also, the college provides access to customized training and learning pathways, best-suited to their skills. The platform is a mega-resource of various national and international companies for potential placements across industries.

Students at top btech college can complete 9 months of internship during 4 years of undergraduate study. During this time, they work on hundreds of real-world projects. These strategic internships further help students to build an important connection with industry leaders. Networking is a crucial aspect of job search, and these connections go a long way in advancing the career of students.

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur is continually working towards providing a holistic learning experience that extends beyond the classroom and degree into the real-world. In the past few years, the academic and placement platform has successfully secured the future of over more than 10,000 students. The combination of unique learning methodologies allows placement ecosystem to see an exponential increase in those placement numbers.

Arya College of Engineering & IT is one of the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan that provide the best placements with top companies’ ranges from TCS to Amazon. Also, the college attracts all the top recruiters from the world. Based on the Pre- Placement Talks and On-Campus Interviews, the recruiters select the best suitable candidate for the placement from the Arya College. Arya College always proved itself as the best btech college in Rajasthan to provide the highest-paid placements. The whole process of placement takes four to five months.

Placement Process Philosophy

The management of the Placement process by Arya College takes place in different stages. The stages include:

  1. Pre- Placement Talks – The pre-placement talks (PPT) is the most important stage of the placement. It conducts in an Air-Conditioned Auditorium equipped with the latest Audio-Visual Electronic Devices. The auditorium is also facilitated with a capacity of around 700 people.
  2. Written/Online Exam (Aptitude Test) – Arya College of Engineering & IT conducts an Aptitude test to determine the ability of the students in a specific field. The college has 2000 notes. In other words, the college can conduct an online exam for 2000 students in a single sitting. This exam is helpful for the students to know their field of knowledge.
  3. Group Discussions (GD) – Arya College has three group discussion rooms. These rooms were used for the group discussion during the placement process. The group discussion will help the students to build their confidence.
  4. Personal Interviews (PI) – The best engineering college in Rajasthan have the number of well- equipped rooms for the final stage of the placement including personal Interview (PI). The PI decides the placement of the student.

Placement Kits and Guidelines

The college placement is committed to providing all possible assistance to its students to ensure employment. The benefit of this assistance is reflected in the preparation of students who are able to secure lucrative and esteemed positions in renowned organizations. Top B Tech Colleges in Jaipur operate year-round to facilitate association between companies and students.

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