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How PhD after MTech is a good choice?

PhD after MTech

In today’s age, most of us are aware of taking decisions after completing the Bachelors in Technology. MTech is more about specialization in the engineering field in which you have completed your bachelors. It is common knowledge now that engineering is a vast field. Open to lots of opportunities and serves as a base for good career growth. A PhD after MTech will not prohibit one’s career options to just research or teaching in the technical capacity. Instead, it will broaden the career opportunities for the students of top engineering colleges in India. They only stand to benefit with more detailed knowledge through a PhD after MTech, in the subject of one’s choice.

What to do after MTech?

The opportunities after MTech is yet another one that stands in-line to pop after another two years. There is a multitude of career pathways that students of Best MTech Colleges in Jaipur can take up after completing the master’s degree. One of the many opportunities is that the graduates is signing-up for a doctoral degree. If they are someone who is interested in making a career in academics. Then PhD after MTech a perfect fit for them. Pursing the course from colleges or universities abroad can take them to places ranging from excellent research exposure to greater employment chances.

What are the careers after MTech?

Doctorate Degree

If students of MTech admissions for computer science have always been wanting to explore the domain of research and development. Then choosing for a PhD after MTech is the ideal path to follow. Pursuing a PhD, they can avail the opportunity to explore the dimension of technical research. An individual may apply for a doctoral program in India as well as universities or colleges abroad. Colleges provide excellent exposure and mentorship to such students. Apart from broadening the horizons, international institutions also provide financial aids to meritorious students easing out the burden of finances.


Since an MTech can equip individual with a specialised degree in hand. Opening their own tech startup is another great option they can consider. The most essential thing students of Best Engineering Colleges need to become an entrepreneur is a revolutionary idea, be it from any field of IT or engineering. Further, they can pitch their idea to potential investors and gain the funding they require to build it. In the digital age, the advent of start-ups has potentially boosted with more and more rising in the domain of both Information Technology and Artificial Engineering. Thus, starting something on their own in the contemporary times, is though full of risks, but can also bring them innumerable benefits as well as letting them avail the scope of innovation.

Corporate Jobs

A prominent alternative for those planning to discover professional prospects after MTech, the corporate sector also awaits students of best engineering college in Jaipur with many shimmering opportunities. There are different companies that are always on the lookout for technology specialists and engineers, subject-matter experts, IT professionals, software engineers, PHP developers, amongst others which they can choose from.


If an engineer aspirants plan to build their career in academia, then MTech can help them qualify for many teaching positions though they will be needed to appear for exams. In India, UGC-NET is the essential exam that the academic institutions, colleges or universities require for the profile of a lecturer. Further, with a master’s degree, one can only start from the position of an assistant professor and later with a PhD after MTech, they will have the necessary qualification to take up the role of a professor.

PhD After MTech

Generally, the duration of PhD after MTech can be 5 to 6 years, depending on the subjects picked by the students of top engineering colleges Jaipur. Most of them prefer to pause their education after the master’s degree and step into the job market, either through hiring exams, on-campus placements or with their own entrepreneurial dreams. Now, the scenario has changed. Engineers chose to explore the horizon because education is not restricted by time, conservative views or lack of opportunities. Now, research is a huge field to step into with good prospects and financial gains to consider.

How to apply for PhD after MTech?

While planning to study PhD after MTech in India, there are various things an individual need to keep in mind for their application. There are some major eligibility criteria for studying PhD in India after MTech. That includes the duration of PhD is around 3 to 5 years ranging upon your specialisation and university. GATE scores necessarily required for a doctoral degree after MTech especially if you are applying for PhD. Also, some Indian universities and institutes have their own PhD entrance exam which engineers will have to clear for admission. Academic transcripts of bachelor’s and master’s degrees are must to apply.

The top universities to apply for PhD

While selecting the right specialization is a significant part of a PhD after MTech. The selection of the engineering college is an extremely important part of the decision. Not just for a good mentor, who is your mentor throughout the duration of the program. But also for the study environment is an essential aspect. Since the degree is completed after a span of five to six years, it is significant for them to check the labs and course materials offered by the college for the doctoral degree. Most of the time in an engineering degree is spent in the lab researching. Hence, the tools and equipment should be proper and accurate to assist the doctorate students.

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