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How do I select the good Engineering College during the admission process?

Tips to Select the Good Engineering College During Admission Process

Admission days are the most difficult times for both the student and the college. For college, they have to fill-up their seats and satisfy each and every student with their facilities. While for a student, it is to satisfy their own academic needs and requirements. After this crucial time, you will not get a single chance to step-back with your preferences. Therefore, make your career selection at engineering college by keeping all the important aspects in mind.

It is the most overwhelming and chaotic situation where you have to choose between the offered college and the one of your own choice. Remember, you are the one to decide where to spend the next four years of your life. Your choices might include your own interests and personality, career goals and talents. The top ranking engineering college is not likely to be the best choice for you.

While selecting the good engineering college during the B Tech admission period, do not forget to consider your priorities, both personally and academically.

Financial aid

Affordability is the top requirement for any engineering aspirant. No matter, how great a college is if you cannot afford it. Based on the type of college, private or public, the financial aid differs. Top Private Engineering Colleges might cost more fees, but on the contrary, they offer more money in terms of financial support. For this, you are required to fulfill their criteria.

Research opportunities and internships

While applying for any job after completing your graduation, it is important to have hands-on practical experience on your resume. Along with the theoretical, a job-seeker must equally practical knowledge. Top Engineering Colleges always focus on practical-oriented learning and prepare their students for every type of workplace environment. You must look into the college with proper internship facilities. This opportunity will also help you to create your alumni networks and learn from real-life examples and experiences.

No matter whether you are a mechanical engineer or computer science engineer, internship opportunities are equally important. Therefore, do not forget to ask the admission officers about the experiential learning and research opportunities.

Engaging curriculum

Engineering Colleges might have same course catalog, but teaching and learning patterns are different. This further makes the curriculum different. It does not required to be trendy. Instead, it must support your transformation to college-level coursework. You should also check on the first-year curriculum whether it interest you or not. The intriguing classes and the elective courses must be worth with a substance. What is better than knowing what you are going to study? Look at all your curriculum requirements and prepare well for your graduate program or desired career.

Activities and clubs of interests

Extra-curricular activities during your studies directly or indirectly create impact on what you studies. Your choice of college must have activities which keep yourself motivated and refreshes your mind time to time. Colleges are the best time to chase your interests, other than your career. While trying new things at top engineering college, you might discover lifelong passions which are not possible in academics. No matter where a college stands in terms of ranking, activities and clubs have their own existence, priorities and importance.

Campus safety

Campus safety is the most significant factor for both the girl and the boy engineering student. You might have heard lot about engineering colleges in India. Top engineering colleges take special safety measures for their students. Every college has different approach towards safety. Before selecting college of your choice, enquire about the safety department at the engineering college campus. Also, measure the number of mis-happenings in a month, their handling patterns, police and security forces, especially during large gatherings at auditorium or another college premises, etc.

Academic support services

Other than the curriculum, it is equally important to consider the academic support services. Students at engineering colleges usually require class materials due to the technical type of course. It includes individual tutor, writing center, online course materials, etc. In addition, private engineering colleges must offer reasonable accommodations to the qualified students. For instance, separate testing locations, extended time on exams, and more.

Career services

Keeping career aspirations in mind, most of the engineering students attend or get enrolled at the best engineering colleges. The quality of education at the college can also be determined with various factors, which a student must consider before selecting a good engineering college. For instance, mock interviews, job fairs on campus, frequent academic advising, resume development sessions, networking opportunities, and pre-tests and study sessions.

All of these career services helps their students to know that they college they have selected is supportive of their students in every manner from the very beginning to the end of their careers. It is important to build this understanding before making any career related choices or preferences.

Leadership opportunities

While applying for jobs or any graduation colleges, a student must have good leadership skills. It helps an individual to stand out at their workplace. A college plays an important role in developing these kinds of skills among the students. No matter who lengthy and difficult your course is, you must have other skills to create a good job position and confidence. The concept of leadership can take many different forms, but it is significant to consider these factors while applying to B Tech Colleges.

A. Leadership classes and workshops offered by college. B. Presence of an active leadership center. C. Consists of a leadership track or certificate program D. Opportunities to become peer mentor or tutor. E. Procedure of starting new activities or clubs on campus.


In earlier days, there were less Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. Therefore, few scoring students can get admission for the limited seats in an engineering discipline. But now, the times has changed. Both parents and students have numerous opportunities and options available. Too much of options create lots of confusion.

Keeping this in mind, an individual must be properly informed and educated about the selection process of the top engineering colleges. Therefore, here is a small guide for you to understand the important factors to look into the college, while selecting a good engineering college for your better career.

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