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How Computer Programming goes back to School?

Computational thinking from School to Engineering Colleges

With the advent of time, students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur are witnessing a remarkable comeback of Computer Programming in schools. In the 1980s, many schools featured Logo, Basic, or Pascal programming, computer labs that students typically visited once a week as an introduction to programming. But, by the mid-1990s, schools had largely turned away from programming languages.

In large part, such decline came from a lack of subject-matter integration and a scarcity of qualified instructors. The rise of CD-ROMs had declined the use of syntax typos and debugging problems and further reduced the need to learn to program in schools by the professionals of Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan.

The present age of computer programming

In the last few years, students of Top Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur seen interest in bringing back learning and teaching programming at all levels. The digitally based youth cultures are leading this revival. Computers seem to be available everywhere, particularly outside the school, where children and youth are innovating with technology. The handheld devices create their own interactive art projects, video games, and even their own programmable clothes through electronic textiles.

Methods to connect to a wider network

The same computers on which students of the Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur create these items connect them to wider networks of other young users. They mainly share common interests and a similar commitment to connecting through technology. Schools may take a page from these informal associations of creative production and networked participation.

After all, despite this surge of interconnected youth communities, very few youths are using their smart devices like laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Droid. These digital natives can easily manipulate the latest devices. But their capacity to wield such devices critically, creatively and selectively is decidedly less potent.

Role of programming in the productive use of technology

What then is the role of programming in helping more productive use of technology? And what is the role of schools in introducing programming to a large number of youths, particular given schools’ own failed attempts to teach coding in the past? How will schools address the challenges of diversity and equity prevalent in computing culture? These questions will help the students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur to face education as well as the economic viability of this country. We must first understand what computational thinking is, how we can teach it. Also, it includes why the computational participation of online communities and traditional schools together offers new opportunities to engage students.

Teaching computational thinking

So, what could computational thinking look like in schools? How could we teach it? The definition of computational thinking defines through designing systems. It also includes solving problems and understanding human behaviors. Further, it provides quite a broad scope to the students of Best B Tech College in Jaipur. Several professional groups like Arya College of Engineering and IT and the non-profits have developed academic standards and instructional activities. It makes computational thinking more accessible for education.


In conclusion, programming has invariably played a role in all proposed curricula. Yet while programming figures prominently, no single programming language is deemed best by all proponents. The language is Java/JavaScript, Python, C/C++, HTML or introductory languages like Scratch and Alice, teaching the underlying concepts conveyed by the language, not the language itself.

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