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How BTech in Artificial Intelligence can change the education system?

How Artificial intelligence has become a game changer for education system

The advent of Artificial Intelligence evolve technology which has subsequently impacted different sectors of the society profoundly. Its multifaceted advantages have successfully initiated a complete paradigm shift even in our education sector.

Education is one of the primary tools which is directly linked with the growth of human resources in the country. Artificial intelligence immensely helps students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur to accentuate the growth and development index. It utilizes data models and makes decisions based on the input data whose success rate improves with further iterations. Just as a teacher needs to get acquainted with the behaviour and understanding pattern of a student before recommending a learning path, BTech in Artificial Intelligence requires proper input data for better analysis and execution. However, the algorithms cumbersome with a large collection of data points increasing the complexity.

There different ways in which Artificial intelligence has become a game changer in the field of education are as follows:

AI to help in Personalised Learning

Students of Best Engineering Colleges are unique in behaviour and appreciation, thereby demanding different degrees of care and attention. In a classroom comprising a high number of candidates, attending every doubt of each student remains no longer feasible. Artificial Intelligence can help in developing personalized learning which can mitigate doubts of candidates and thus enhance their performances.

Adaptive Test Prep

Exams are significant for any student in pursuit of knowledge, for it provides one with an honest assessment of progress in the respective industry. This demands an appropriate set of questions for the examination whose difficulty gets updated as a student of best engineering college in Jaipur progresses and challenges him to prepare thoroughly.

Automation of Grading Will Free Up Teacher’s Time

Teachers in modern academic settings spend a lot of their time in administrative duties like grading the students. However, technology can help students of top BTech colleges in automating this task, leaving teachers with more time to spend on educating their pupils. Furthermore, software that can grade written answers and essays will also be implemented in educational institutions. In other words, teachers will be able to better utilize hours they spend grading quizzes, but any complaints of unfair grading by bias teachers will also become redundant. School administration board will transform through AI with the automation of processing and classification of paperwork.

Providing Actionable Feedback to the Teachers

In a regular pen and paper test, it is not possible for a teacher of the list of engineering colleges to analyse the learning gaps. The teacher can only say whether the students understood the tested concept or not. But the candidates may have existing learning gaps in related concepts which may be hampering his/her ability to learn a new concept. With AI, teachers can get precise actionable data on student performance and hence can further provide students with the help they need to succeed.

Changing the Role of Teachers

Teacher is the key aspect of education that will not change. AI-based tools will never replace the teacher but their role will evolve with time. The teacher would become a facilitator of learning, assisting students, providing human interaction and more hands-on experience in the classrooms of private engineering colleges in Rajasthan. Individuals will become owners of their own learning process and this will necessarily improve learning outcomes and quality of education.

Artificial Intelligence is going to change the impact the education industry. Artificial Intelligence will enhance to provide good quality education across the country at low cost and without the need for equivalent manpower. So, all stakeholders should welcome this as it would have a long-term positive impact for our country’s place in the digital and globalized world.

Interactive Gamification:

Artificial Intelligence is instrumental in implementing various different tools and techniques which immensely effective in teaching highly complex concepts in a simple and lucid way. This includes incorporation of sophisticated and useful illustrations, virtual reality and various different artificial reality tools. It can streamline intelligent concepts of engineering college students into accessible cognitive models.

Automation of Grading Activities

From standard one to graduation to higher studies, the grading is the only way to evaluate the students’performance. Thus, it is a tedious job for teachers to grade their students. Technological advancements and artificial intelligence through various applications and tools can perform the exam scores and assignments automatically. For instance, multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks etc, help the system to match the student’s answer with the answer keys saved in the application and provide the grades accordingly. BTech in Artificial intelligence college will start grading long answers and later saves a lot of time for the teachers and helps them focus on other activities and provide more attention to students.

There are many more ways on how Artificial Intelligence can help in imparting quality education to students in large numbers. This scientific development will benefit the larger education ecosystem and produce the brightest of minds.


AI robots are expected to replace human teachers in the near future. Thus, machines will play a huge role in classrooms going forward. Technology will collaborate with teachers to create a system where students of best btech colleges learn faster, better and with increased efficiency. AI will take some tasks off the teachers’ hands, and allow them to focus elsewhere.

With AI grading, students develop a personalized curriculum, identifying gaps, creating smart content and making education more accessible enable teachers to become coaches or facilitators. They will guide them in the right direction while AI lights the way.

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