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How BTech graduates hunt for a job using Social Media?

Job searching and networking using social media

Securing a job is a complex process, but BTech graduates usually search for an open position. It just requires a strategic scroll through their favorite social media accounts. However, there are some websites like Twitter and Facebook which can be fun and frivolous. Also, there are viable business opportunities for them. In addition, plumbing through hashtags, accounts, and personal pages could help launch the next potential career.

Use of career opportunities

If students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur want to find a writing opportunity, they can look up a hashtag on Twitter. However, if they want to stay up to date with a company's career openings, they must like them on Facebook. Moreover, if they want to create a beautiful resume that will catch a recruiter's or hiring manager's eye, they must head over to Pinterest.

Creative social media resumes learning from


In 140 characters or less, Twitter can help the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur find their dream gig. However, it is teeming with job applications and professional networking pages if they know where to find them.

  1. Searches - Use that search bar to look for terms that apply to the job you want. For best results, type in words like "jobs," "hiring" and other specifics that apply to your desired field and location.
  2. Hashtags - Typing #jobs and #hiring will result in a plethora of tweets from job-seeking employees.
  3. Tweet often - Though it depends on your career of choice, tweeting is a great way to network with like-minded folks in your profession. However, students of Private Engineering Colleges in Jaipur must follow businesses and people they are interested in and send them the occasional tweet.


Facebook is an undeniable social media driver. According to its representatives, these are the top tips for the students of B Tech Colleges for trying to get a job through Facebook:

  1. Like some pages - Most companies strive for dynamic social media presences, and Facebook Pages are engagement 101. However, by Liking them, individuals can get daily updates about their activity.
  2. Private/Public – Candidates should consider setting their work and education info public, enabling others to see their professional history.
  3. Stay updated - Make sure all of your work and education info is up to date and reflects your current position and past experience.


LinkedIn is the network of choice for professionals, perhaps the most obvious of job hunting sites.

  1. Connect -Connect to people who have careers students of B Tech College in Jaipur interested in. Also, they must search around for those who might only be one degree away from you.
  2. Jobs Board – Websites provide advice and connections to the individuals. Also, it includes the jobs board highlighting opportunities in nearly every field.
  3. Endorsements and recommendations – There is a portion of a profile dedicated to glowing recommendations and endorsements from your peers. However, try to get as many as you can, and your page's likability will instantly boost.


Students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur must use Tumblr for vast Internet playground of GIFs and rabid fandom, for help in the job search.

  1. Search tags - In the search bar, look for tagged terms like "hiring" and "jobs.
  2. Start Tumbling - This is especially important if you are the creative type. However, a Tumblr account was attuned to your interests, and full of your own original content, automatically up your unique appeal to employers.

Pinterest is more than just a pretty place to find wedding inspiration and delicious recipes.

  1. Pin your resumes – Students of Engineering Colleges, a Pinterest board to "pin" your resume. However, you can highlight certain aspects of your experience and add photos and links.
  2. Follow these pages - For a never-ending well of job tips and opportunities, follow these seven helpful Pinterest boards.

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