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How Arya ranks best among Engineering College in Rajasthan?

How Arya ranks top among Engineering College in Rajasthan

Engineering is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. The Engineering is complex in every sphere of human activity including telecommunication, medicine, travel tourism or other leisure activities. Engineering can become interesting with the size of opportunities and possibilities available at Best Engineering College in Rajasthan. Research, development, manufacture, design, maintenance, products development, and services are some major areas within the huge spectrum of the profession. The most satisfying engineering profession mainly involves intellectually challenging tasks which ultimately provides job satisfaction to an individual.

Every educational organization strives to offer the best amenities so that their students become all-round individuals. What makes Arya ranks best among Top BTech Colleges in Rajasthan is available facilities, college location, research activities, faculty qualification and placement assistance.

Arya College Kukas is one of the leading engineering college in Rajasthan that are approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). They aims at offering high quality educational, research and training programs in science, engineering, technology and management at graduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels. Also, the college has launched out-reach programs for the promotion of socio-economic standards of various communities. Also, social responsibility through extramural programs.

The best engineering college in Rajasthan aims at providing the best knowledge and inculcates ethical professionalism among the students. Nobody can deny from the fact that Arya is an iconic group of institution. That regularly makes headlines as an achiever in numerous disciplines.

However, an individual can gain an invaluable long-lasting academic experience. They can get the atmosphere that is conducive to learning and achieving, aided by its top-notch infrastructure. The focus of the institution has been to impart a strong foundation in numerous specialties of the chosen discipline to enable the students identify their exclusive talent and build on it.

First time when you visit Arya

Arya College Jaipur is one of the Best BTech Colleges in Jaipur that provide you a perfect look with stately buildings and disciplined students when you enter the campus for the first time. As you walk around the college campus, you will find CCTVs installed at different locations. With this and numerous other stern measures, they maintain decorum and a ragging free atmosphere in college.

Arya Ratan

The best engineering college in Jaipur organizes ‘Arya Ratan’, the Freshers party in their magnificent auditorium. The college fully understands the apprehensions you face in a new environment and the party is to make you feel comfortable and reassuring. Also, they ensure their first interaction with seniors in this party will take students a long way.

Tech Savvy

As you go around the campus, you will find it tech-savvy with smart classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, huge computing labs with excellent infrastructure and high-speed WiFi. Students can have a great fun in the cafeteria, soothing their nerves in the playground and of course, with some of them busily planning and preparing to organize. Students of engineering colleges can also participate in a number of technical and cultural fests. Thus, they believe in turning students into a wholesome personality.


Arya has given right information at the website. With record placements during the campus recruitment drives and collaborations with numerous companies like Wipro’s Mission 10X and Nodal Centre for Embedded System, Academic Initiative by Accenture, and so on, Best Engineering Colleges are creating new benchmarks. The hostel will make candidates feel at home with comfortable rooms and delicious food.

Students are prepared to exhibit their talent in wide-reaching platforms, no matter whether they are the competitive assignments in classroom and encouragement to participate in the activities of departmental clubs. Thereby, they are readied for venturing into presenting their innovations in Conferences and Technical fests organized by best engineering college in Kukas.

In addition, Arya College has strong ties with industries. One such prestigious collaboration is that with Microsoft through the Microsoft Edvantage program. That has declared ACIET as a Platinum level campus. This enables students to pursue quality internships.

How Arya influences you for your career?

The Arya College kick starts students’ career by its huge campus recruitment drives. With reputed companies becoming proud employees of its graduates. Arya finally makes it all meaningful by changing the lives of their students and their family.

The influence of Arya College of Engineering and IT does not stop with this. By providing facilities for research, encouraging publications and organizing workshops for development. The top engineering college also ensures that its faculties have a fulfilling career. Setting new standards in education, the Arya is indeed a name to be reckoned by not just its students and faculty but by entire academic circles.

Here at Arya 1st Old Campus, high-quality education imparted to students at an affordable cost to ensure the overall socio-economic development of society. The college has an anti-ragging campus and teamwork is encouraged from day first. Staff members and students involved in extra-curricular activities to gain skills and understanding of life. Also, sports activities are actively encouraged and specially trained coaches are here to provide systematic training in various disciplines like football, cricket etc.

The Training and Placement Cell always tries to assist the students so that they get placements in reputed multi-international companies. It also provides career guidance to the students and trains them on soft-skills to make them employable. Many reputed organizations already visited Arya 1st Old Campus, Kukas for the campus recruitment drive.

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