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How Artificial Intelligence is bringing great change in E-commerce industry?

Artificial Intelligence is bringing great change in E-commerce

Artificial intelligence has released the true potential of the ecommerce industry among the students of engineering colleges and opening many new opportunities in improving the customer experience, generating new business, and has a better understanding of business. The ecommerce industry is evolving continuously and incorporating artificial intelligence into their business decisions and strategies.

What is Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Industry?

Artificial intelligence allows companies to predict, sense, and automate. It can improve user experience and increase brand reputation. It is helping the startups, manufacturers, and retailers to set a new example in the industry. AI is having enormous implications in the way retailers sell their products & services and the way consumer buys them. Moreover, it can solve real-world issues that ecommerce businesses are facing.

There are some of the applications of AI which are benefiting the online ecommerce stores:

1. Advanced Visual Search

The AI-based visual search technology uses real-world images like snaps, internet images, screenshots, etc. for online searches. Firstly, it understood the content of the image and then comes up with the relevant results. It is helping the ecommerce business, especially for clothing and home decor industry. Giants like Google, Amazon, Pinterest, Bing, and many ecommerce owners have started to develop their own visual search engines.

2. Personalized Recommendations

You get many recommendations on the desired product while using an ecommerce platform. It will make you feel valuable and an important customer. These personalized recommendations by AI enhance the customer experience. The product related to the search is carefully tracked by the professionals of Computer Science Engineering Colleges and accordingly, the most appropriate suggestion reaches users.

3. Voice Assistance

As AI is getting advanced, many new technologies are emerging in the ecommerce industry for better customer experience. Voice assistance provides a smooth experience to users to find products and shop them. The customer who finds typing quite a hassle can easily shop through the voice search. If you have a smart voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur just need to find the product by speaking to it and then can make an order.

4. Automated Product Description

The product description on an ecommerce site can make it big or can destroy. Regardless of the image of the product, if the description of the product is not filled properly, an individual can lose the trust of your customers. However, manually entering the product description through your employees can be a very long & tedious process. Also, it will result in increased employee costs and have significant chances of human prone errors. However, AI can resolve this problem by automating the process of writing details of the product.

5. Smart Searches

The search functionality of an ecommerce site is the most noticeable thing by the customer on the site. It can be an important factor in your conversion rate. A single typo error can result in “We do not find any such item”, however major ecommerce giant like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and others have overcome this problem.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things or IoT has been the latest buzz. It is enabling devices to exchange data with each through the internet. Also, it is helping retail and ecommerce businesses to make smooth their operation. IoT helps ecommerce by inventory management, supply chain management, warehouse management, and providing a better customer experience.

Using IoT sensors and RFID tags, it is possible for the students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur to maintain the inventory in real-time. You can monitor and track the inventory items, hence eliminating human prone errors in reordering items. Information like product type, the expiry date of the items, manufacturer’s name, and their batch IDs can be automatically stored in the system without human intervention.

7. Automation in Warehouse

Warehouse automation has been in recent years of requirements in ecommerce. Features like same day or next day delivery have become a common consumer expectation which has greatly impacted the requirement of warehouse automation. To meet such huge demand, the warehouses are eliminating the traditional practice of clipboard-bearing, forklifts, and stock managers. Instead, students of Best Engineering Colleges are getting driven by AI-based smart robots, which tout stock items 24×7 and continue to work without a lunch break.

8. Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity experts of top computer science engineering colleges are not fully convinced to replace AI for handling cybersecurity, but yet AI is extending its roots in cybersecurity. AI is getting used for updating security databases. It can analyze logs from various sources, artificial intelligence can detect when new threats are imminent. It can also find malware and spyware trends by analyzing data across multiple channels.

AI can identify any unusual activity. It can detect large scale malware movements. It can use certain parameters to help determine whether or not it may indicate a threat or whether it is a false alarm.

9. Data Management

A site owner should maintain your customer data wisely. The data such as purchasing details, customer profiles, and transferring other information freely tax traditional database software, but not AI. AI can manage your data effectively. By placing product descriptions, images, and customer data in raw form, artificial intelligence does not need to sort through data structures while using data for different web applications.

10. AI-powered e-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is still having a great impact on ecommerce businesses. With AI-powered e-mail marketing, campaigns can be more interactive. The benefits of the AI in email marketing includes emails don’t seem automated in fact appears more humane, a better appeal in retaining the customers, the timings of the email can be automated as per the geographical location of the user, etc.


The advent of AI in ecommerce is currently having no limits whether it is serving customers in a better manner or maintaining the security of your ecommerce, it is having place everywhere. The ecommerce industry can become a game-changer and more efficient with the help of AI Solutions.

AI-based technology provides a personalized and consistent experience for all the users as well as brands and their services.

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