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High School VS College

Difference Between High School Vs College

Every day we come across many people. Everyone has his or her own opinion about high school and college. Someone will say high school is better while others will fight for college. Actually, what it is that makes a difference between high school and college? Today, I am guiding you about some differences between high school and college.

Efforts in Studies

During school days, we spent most of our time in completing homework and worksheets. At the time of exams, all we do is cramming the whole day before the exam.

On the contrary, in institute learning is more important than cramming. You may not be laden with assignments but you have to spend nights in making notes by your own. The studies before a night of the exam will not be sufficient to get good grades.


In high school, the remembrance can score good grades for you. It is quite easy to memorize things in school. The more you learn and remember, the more you will score.

However, in the institute, remembrance will not get you good marks. You are in the college for learning. Therefore, your teacher will expect deep leaning and understanding from you about the course.

Chances to score Grades

During the final grades in high school your homework, behavior, assignments, attendance, exams, etc. are the factors your teachers will evaluate.

In college, your midterms and final exams are the only sources to score good marks. None of the teachers is interested in going through your assignments and homework. So, overall you have fewer opportunities to score in college.

Responsibilities and Time Management

Think of your school time all you remember is having your teachers and parents around you to monitor you. You have teachers to remind you about your assignments and homework. You have parents to get everything done on it.

While in college you are, responsible for everything it is either your assignment or exams. You will yourself manage your time, as you will have only a few hours’ classes in college. Many times, you will be struggling for many things but you have to conquer it and, come out of it by yourself only. Therefore, you have to be more responsible while being in college.

Distinctive Identity

High school is full of fun and entertainment. There were jokes, nerds, hippies, etc. Sometimes, you will feel the burden of some of your old siblings or family member’s reputations. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to change your identity for which your classmate has tagged you once.

On the contrary, you will have the opportunity to scratch your identity on a clean slate. You can decide what you want to be, to whom you will hang out, which activity you are involved in, or what will be your identity. There are mature people in college and hence, you will not encounter torment.

Witness Varieties

During your school time, you will encounter people of your own kind. There will be fewer varieties in school. You will have friendly and comfortable surroundings.

Nevertheless, in college, you will witness a huge variety. There will be people from a different culture from different cities around the country. The people at college will have their own experiences and perspectives that will be challenging. However, you will be able to learn to communicate with people from diversities.

Extracurricular activities

There are many sports and plays to participate in high school. You can also go for swimming and environment club in school. High school is the place where you can explore your interest and improve it.

However, in the engineering institute, other than sports there are many other extracurricular activities to explore. The activities are ballroom dancing, standup comedy, volunteering at different events, etc. You will get the opportunity to come out of your shell and try something new. You can develop new interests.

Overall, the engineering colleges are much more different from high schools. You have to prepare yourself socially and mentally to step into a college. However, the college will give you the platform to grow and learn but you alone have to fight for your odds.

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