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Guidelines towards the Success

There’s a common question which is revolving around the world, i.e. where do you see yourself in the next five years? And everyone has their own fantasized answers! But are we really moving in the right direction to actually accomplish that dream? Arya College of Engineering and IT provides proper guidelines to its students to achieve success.

So, if you want to accomplish your dream, you need to set a goal because there will be a lack of focus and dedication without a goal. It will help you to set a benchmark to track your succeeding process. Setting a goal is so easy, but following it with all your determination and hard work is so difficult. There are some steps which may help you to accomplish your goal and success.

The Power of Five

All you need is Motivation

Motivation is the key to dedication. Set a goal which motivates you. However, setting up your goal consider the priorities in your life, as this will help you to focus on what you need to achieve. Every goal needs a true commitment and an aggressive attitude of “Yes, I will do it”.

Note: Write down all the valuable and important points about your goal which will motivate you.

Remember the word SMART

When we talk about the goal, then SMART stands for S – Specific, M- Measurable, A– Attainable, R – Relevant and T - Time-Bound. To accomplish your goal, your goal should be powerful as well as SMART.

Specific Goal – Your goal should be specified i.e. the goal should be transparent and defined.

Measurable Goal – Add precise details of the dates and amount by which you can measure the success rate of your goal. This will give you a chance to celebrate your success.

Attainable Goal – Try to set the rules which will help you to raise your bars. Set the goals which are realistic yet challenging to accomplish as it will help you to attain the pleasure of success.

Relevant Goal – Set immensely dispersed and inconsistent goals, this will help you to have leisure. This means your goals should be relevant enough to opt it as your career.

Time-Bound Goal – To achieve a goal at a faster rate, you must have a deadline. This will raise your determination towards your goal.

Pen down your Goal

When you write something it becomes more real and substantial. But keep in mind, that whatever goal you will write down it should contain passion, power, and willingness to do it. Try to eliminate can, might, would instead of it write “Will”.

Note: The goal statement should be framed empathetically. There should be no loophole in the way to your success.

Put your To- Do List on your wall, study table, desktop, refrigerator or any place which can give you a constant reminder of your goal.

Make your own Execution Plan

Making an execution plan will help you in noticing your progress towards your goal. To achieve a long-term or big goal, it is important to plan and execute the things step by step. The execution plan will also help you to carry other things in your life along with your ultimate goal.

Stick to your Goal

No matter what, just stick to your goal. Setting a goal is just a step towards the success, but stick to the goal is the key to success. To accomplish a goal you have stick to it by eliminating all the obstacles and odds in your path to success. Home Page

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