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GATE Preparation

How to prepare for GATE along with College studies

Preparing for GATE is one of the most difficult tasks. The competition these days is really very tough in GATE. So wasting even a single second can affect your studies. But the students who are in their 4th year of engineering found it so difficult to prepare for GATE.

Arya College of Engineering and IT prepares its students for the GATE and other competitive exams along with the college studies. So, today we are going to tell you about the time management and preparation method for the GATE as well as the college studies;

  • The students should take a 60-minute short break in which the lunchtime should be 30 minutes and rest time should also be 30minutes. If you are doing this continuously for a year then you are saving 5 more days for your preparation.
  • Today, every student is fond of using mobile phones. So, to make wiser use of the phone make audio notes of formulas, vocabulary, and concepts. Try to listen to these audio notes during traveling or other free time.
  • The students can visit the IITs and IISC e-learning programs if they are finding difficulties in any subject. You can also ask them to deliver a DVD of the subject notes.
  • Take the pictures of the MCQ type questions in your phone. Now, try to solve these questions during your free time. This is suggested because while preparing for GATE along with the college studies you cannot afford to waste a single moment.
  • For the network studies, do the analysis part instead of doing the synthesis part. Give more time to the steady state and transient analysis and pharos resonance part.
  • Check the previous year gate papers for the recent pattern and solve them to understand the types of questions come in exam. Along with, keep studying your course books for college studies.
  • At least, spend about 2-3 hours daily in the library. This is so because the one hour devoted study in the library is equal to the two hours of study in the room.
  • During the preparation for GATE take care of two things, one is studying the concepts thoroughly and secondly apply those concepts to solve the problems or questions.
  • Use your communication skills and make a group in your college. Discuss all the doubts and concepts with each other. This will not only clear your doubts but will also help you to learn something new every day.

Above all, be confident about what you study. Try to study with the full concentration and devotion because these two are your keys to success.

You don’t have to be the best instead you just have to be better than others. Keep one thing in mind; excuses made by the failures. So, if you want to do it willingly then nothing can stop you. Moreover, Arya College is one of the top engineering colleges in India will help you in your preparation.

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