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Future of the Technologies in the year 2030

Future of The Technology in The Coming Year 2030

No one has a clear vision of what lies ahead in future. Hence, we all left with uncertain degrees of accuracy. Some may have a higher degree of accuracy while others may have only a few percentage points. So, talking about future we have figured out with some of the changes in technologies which are approaching us in the coming year 2030. Arya College Jaipur supports and promotes technology for the future.

Self- Maintenance Software

In the present time, the maintenance of the software governed by some external bodies or reminders. But in the upcoming years, the people will come up with the technology of Self-maintenance software. The software which has its personalized maintenance i.e. it will not require any reminder or interference of the external body for the operation. It will automatically update with the help of its personalized behavior.

Reconfigurable hardware

The hardware devices have the function of customization at the run-time. The memory cell plays a vital role in the building of the reconfigurable hardware. These memory cells control the configuration of the switches in the whole interconnection of the networks. The most commonly used and known reconfigurable hardware device is an FPGA. FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. The reconfigurable hardware is the hardware that can redefine as well as changeable.

Block Chain IoT or Personalised IoT

Personalizing our own data, information and requirements provide a completely different experience. Personalized medicines are one of the best examples of this. In personalized medicines, the genetic code of the patient will tell the potency of the impending cure which known as ‘Pharmacogenomics’.

In the coming years, the IoT will evolve to a new level of personalization. Alexa or Google Assistant is one of the examples of Personal Assistant. The coming future will also give you the ability to control privacy advocates.


The introduction of the advanced technology which allows manufacturing robots at a scale nearly to the nanometers is called Nano Robotics. Peculiarly, NanoRobotics is the nanotechnology designs or creates nanorobots. The technology is currently under the research and development. The nanorobots are of great significance, the robots will not only help in interactions with the objects of nanosize but will also allow the manipulation of the resolutions. These devices are also related to the microscopy or scanning probe microscopy. For example, nanomedicine help to destroy the cancerous cells. It also measures the chemical toxicity in the environment.

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)

MEMS is the technology of the microscopic devices. More notably, the MEMS is with the moving parts. At the nanoscales, it fuses into nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) and nanotechnology. MEMS are made up of components size between 1 and 100 micrometers whereas, MEMS devices range from 20 micrometers to a millimeter. MEMS technology s mainly used to make electronics. The technology includes molding, plating, wet etching, dry etching, electro-discharge machining and other manufacturing of small devices. An important example of a MEMS device is the resonator.

Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS)

Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS) have a nagging structural element i.e. either at 100 nm or below 100 nm. The NEMS technology enhanced in the coming time. The technology helps in the embeddable medical devices. Other than the medical devices, the NEMS technology will also help in the manufacturing of artificial pancreas, artificial muscular system, brain-machine interface, and human-computer interface.

Flexible Electronics

The future always amazes us so as the technology. The flexible electronics are one of those technologies which will amaze us in the coming years. The currently used OLEDs are the example of evolving flexible electronics. The use of Ultra low power printable electronics is one of the examples of the flexible electronics which is heading towards in future. The use of organic storage will be chosen over the magnetic and flash storage in the coming years. In the process of organic storage, the skin will be painted with the hard disk so that the people will directly plug in the wires and use it.

Super Capacitors

Capacitors are the known term for all of us. But what we will see in the coming future is the Super Capacitors. The Super Capacitors are different from the normal capacitors as the Super Capacitors will have the power to control the charge stored in it.

The Super Capacitors will have the permittivity and dielectric constant which will help to control the charge stored in it. Other than that, the evolution of the High Capacity batteries and Paper batteries will also be seen in the approaching time. The researchers are doing their researches over this and soon will reach the conclusion. Arya College of Engineering and IT is one of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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