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Five movies every Engineer should watch in his/her life

The tech and sci-fi movies are always the one who drew the attention. However, sometimes these movies land into a hilarious result. But we cannot ignore that there are some movies which are the must watch. Therefore, we are here with the list of top five movies which are worth your time. The students of Arya College Jaipur are keen on these tech movies because it will help them to learn about the new technologies. Therefore, we have prepared the list by observing the telltale signs of cinematic excellence in it.

1. Artificial Intelligence –

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a science fiction drama film. The film is co-written, co-produced, and directed by Steven Spielberg. In the movie, there is a new type of robot who is advanced humanoids capable of thoughts and emotions. The robot resembles a human child which is programmed to display love and affection towards its owners. A.I. is about the imprinting protocol. The movie wins the Best film Science fiction in the year 2002 because of its amazing work.

2. Minority Report -

Minority Report is a neo-noir science fiction action film. The director of the film is none other than Steven Spielberg. The film is all about the paranormal activity of human brain which can predict the future events in a very short span of time. The activity can be controlled with the help of high-end technologies like optical storage and gesture control. These are the modern technologies of the time.

3. Elysium -

Elysium is a science fiction action film drama. The film produced, written, and directed by Neill Blomkamp. The film describes the various storage technology. The human gesture controls the technology. The movie is based on the mode of locomotion and capabilities of human mind. The movie has device like Med-Bays that can cure all diseases, reverse the aging process, and regenerate body parts. Moreover, the movie shows the Elysian technology in the film helps to cure the illnesses of the people.

4. Robocop -

RoboCop is a cyberpunk action film. The director and writer of the film are Paul Verhoeven, Edward Neumeier, and Michael Miner respectively. The movie is based on the Man and Machine interface. The interface shows capabilities of engineering marble. In addition, there is the engineering marble which describes the brain of humans and the capabilities of the machines.

5. The Matrix -

The Matrix is a fiction action film. The writer and director of the film are The Wachowskis. The film is about the virtual world which inhibits in human mind and societal system. It dramatically describes the Human Logic Interface. Above all, the interface is based on the fight of logic and energy policy because it will lead to the fray between machine holders and the societal people. Home Page


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