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Factors to help you getting success in B Tech courses

Skills to develop for better employment opportunities

In a highly competitive market, getting employment opportunities in B Tech courses was the most complex process. Earlier, engineers were available with the only option to get a degree first and get employment later. But now with the advent of time, the role of degree has changed in their life. It is important for them to develop cognitive abilities like creativity, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Statistical analysis for the employment opportunities

According to the recent surveys, all types of engineering industries will start hiring for managers from Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. However, they should have 52% of abilities. Most of the engineering organizations and industries are currently not working on this concept. It has increased the demand for these skills in more than 30% of the job market.

In the present age, the jobs in the high demand expected to decline up to 18%. On the basis of strategy analysis made for the future of Engg College graduates, it has been observed that most of the students are not eligible to qualify for the top employment opportunities. Keeping this in mind, it is declared by the top education organization that 36% of the engineering aspirants would have the solutions to complex problems in the engineering industry. Also, 4% of aspirants will require physical and technical knowledge. In other words, 1 out of 20 efficient candidates can get the technical jobs only.

Jobs for students having cognitive abilities

  1. IT Sector – VFX Artists, Computer Vision Engineer, Wireless Network specialist, Data Scientist, Data Architect, AI Research Scientist. Language Processing specialist, 3D modeling engineer, 3D Designer, Cloud Architect, Migration Engineer, etc.
  2. Automobile Sector – Automobile Analytics Engineer, 3D Printing technician, Machine learning-based vehicle cyber-security expert, Sustainability integration expert, etc.
  3. Textile Sector – Data Analyst, IT Process Engineer, E-Textile, Environment Specialist,
  4. BFSI – Cyber Security Specialist, Credit Analyst, Robot Programmer, Blockchain Architect, Process modeler expert, etc.
  5. Retail – Customer Experience Leader, Digital Imaging leader, IT Process modeler, Retail Data analyst, etc.

Reference report of FICCI and NASSCOM

Based on the “Future of Jobs 2020” survey of these organizations, it has been declared that the jobs available in the unorganized sector are at risk of survival at an average of 15 to 20 percent. In this survey, jobs relate to 2 manufacturing sectors including textile and automobile discussed. It also includes three service sectors including retail, BFSI and IT. Till 2022, 9% of the workforce will be applied to the newly established jobs, which has no presence in today’s age. Also, there will be 37% of jobs to demand new skills from the candidates of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.

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